Man tricked pregnant girlfriend into drinking bleach

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested, after authorities in Millersville say that he tried to trick his girlfriend into aborting their unborn child. The Dreamin' Demon reports that 20-year-old Theophilous Washington has admitted to attempting a DIY abortion on his unsuspecting girlfriend. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful, and his girlfriend was lucky to survive this outrageous attempt at ending her pregnancy. The details surrounding this sickening case are downright shocking -- but stories like this one are nothing new at all.

The incident reportedly took place on Friday morning. The 20-year-old university student was spending time with his girlfriend in his apartment. When the woman was leaving for her own home, which was nearby, he told her to take a bottle of water from his fridge. The woman, who was thirsty, didn't think twice about accepting a bottled water from her boyfriend -- the father of her unborn child.
When the unnamed woman returned to her on-campus apartment, she began drinking the bottled water that Theophilous Washington had given her. According to the woman, she immediately felt a burning sensation in her throat, along with a violent wave of nausea. She vomited, and then immediately called 911, fearing that she had indeed ingested something other than water.

Upon being interviewed by authorities, the woman revealed what had happened between her and her boyfriend that day -- and told them about the bottled water. Washington was quick to admit to authorities, not long after they interviewed his pregnant girlfriend, that he did not want her to have the baby. He reportedly admitted to spiking the bottled water with bleach, in an attempt to trick the woman into having a miscarriage.

A doctor who examined the woman has noted that there was no apparent damage done to her two-month-old fetus, which is fortunate. In response to what Theophilous Washington admitted to doing, authorities in Millersville charged him with multiple crimes. He has been charged with criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder of an unborn child. He has also been charged with reckless endangering.  He is currently being held in jail on bond in the amount of $1 Million -- which means he probably won't be getting out any time soon.

This is far from the only time a man has been arrested for attempting to cause a woman's miscarriage. A few years ago, a Norwegian man was jailed for sneaking abortion pills into his girlfriend's smoothies. In another case, a Florida man was arrested for actually causing the miscarriage of his 26-year-old girlfriend. The 28-year-old man tricked her into taking abortion pills under the guise that they were the woman's antibiotics. This led to the death of her unborn child.


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