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Does 'bullying' create serial killers?

An accused serial killer has been arrested in South Carolina, and his mother says that bullying is to blame for the series of horrifying crimes he is accused of committing. This brings to light a very important question: Are serial killers the products of their environments, or are they born with the dynamics that push them to committing unthinkable crimes? It's the old nurture vs. nature argument, but is there some actual evidence to stand behind the idea?

Todd Kohlepp was arrested after a woman was discovered chained up on his property. While it's fortunate that the young woman survived, multiple people are reportedly dead because of the man who stands accused of kidnapping her. One of those reported victims is the boyfriend of the young woman who was lucky to be freed from captivity. However, Kohlepp has reportedly confessed to the murders of several other people -- including a group of three men, and a woman, who supposedly "laughed at him," when he once tried t…

Man tricked pregnant girlfriend into drinking bleach

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested, after authorities in Millersville say that he tried to trick his girlfriend into aborting their unborn child. The Dreamin' Demon reports that 20-year-old Theophilous Washington has admitted to attempting a DIY abortion on his unsuspecting girlfriend. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful, and his girlfriend was lucky to survive this outrageous attempt at ending her pregnancy. The details surrounding this sickening case are downright shocking -- but stories like this one are nothing new at all.

The incident reportedly took place on Friday morning. The 20-year-old university student was spending time with his girlfriend in his apartment. When the woman was leaving for her own home, which was nearby, he told her to take a bottle of water from his fridge. The woman, who was thirsty, didn't think twice about accepting a bottled water from her boyfriend -- the father of her unborn child.
20 year old Theophilous Washington, a student of Millersville …