What happened to Shadow McClaine?

What happened to missing soldier Shadow McClaine? The 25-year-old Kentucky woman last had contact with her loved ones on Sept. 2, at around 7:07 p.m. However, the contact was via text message with her mother. As far as I'm concerned, this does not guarantee that this was the actual last contact she had with anyone. The very last text sent from her phone indicated that she was driving. From that point, her phone was turned off, and she has not gotten back in contact with her mother -- or other loved ones -- since that evening. It has been over a month since she vanished, but what could be behind this strange disappearance?

Shadow was supposed to house-sit for friends over the weekend that she lost contact with her family. She never did so. Furthermore, there has been absolutely no activity on her bank account since Sept. 2. She also has not reported for duty at Fort Campbell. Her family insists that it is not in her character to go missing like this -- a sentiment that worries me every time the loved ones of a missing person expresses it. When a disappearance is out of someone's character, it could indicate any number of circumstances or scenarios. In the case of Shadow McClaine, what could it imply? Is this woman the victim of foul play, or did she suddenly decide (for whatever reason) to vanish on her own volition?

Something troubles me about this case, and that's the woman's past social media behavior. A Facebook page exists, which appears to belong to her, that hasn't been used since June of this year. Some of the past posts on that page seem to indicate that Shadow was having trouble with more than one person -- including a woman who had been threatening her. She implies, in her Facebook posts, that her ex-husband is the target of a possible military investigation. She also appears to imply that she has been the target of threats and harassment as a result of this.

Could her disappearance have something to do with this?

A couple of weeks following Shadow McClaine's disappearance, her vehicle was located. Strangely, it was found abandoned approximately 70 miles from where she was last seen. The Daily Mail reported that the 2013 Hyundai Elantra was located in a Nashville parking lot. Authorities haven't shared any further information about this discovery -- such as whether or not the car contained evidence of a crime.

With it being more than a month since Shadow was last seen, what could come of the search for her? While folks on social media continue pushing for answers -- along with the missing woman's loved ones -- authorities remain silent on where their investigation is taking them. Is their investigation taking them anywhere at all? 


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