Oct 8, 2016

Was Shannon Palmer murdered?

Authorities in Arkansas are looking for Shannon Palmer. The 33-year-old woman hasn't been seen since August 10, making it approximately two months that she has been missing. What's troubling is the sparse media coverage in this case, as her loved ones continue to search for her. What few circumstances exist in the disappearance of the Arkansas woman can indicate a number of scenarios -- and unfortunately, none of them lead to happy endings. So what happened to Shannon? Is she the victim of foul play, or can her disappearance be explained through other theories?

The missing woman's husband troubles me. That doesn't mean that I'm leveling any accusations against the man. After all, his wife is missing, and this is a time that is -- ordinarily -- a time of mourning, confusion and anger. Nonetheless, I want to express that the hubby didn't make his presence in this case entirely known until the vehicle driven by Shannon Palmer was discovered. Her truck was found near a Mississippi River levee, approximately a half hour from her residence. The truck reportedly contained her purse. Shoes belonging to the Arkansas woman were also reportedly found in the woods near the truck. So what could all this mean?

The media isn't paying much attention to this case, and with each week that passes the likelihood of it regaining interest is almost nonexistent. Meanwhile, her loved ones continue to wonder what happened to her. I want to know why her truck was found parked by a river levee, and what other evidence -- if any -- has been located. Did she wander off on her own, or did someone put her somewhere? 

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