Slain in Sin City: The unsolved murder of Krista Lee Elliott

Over three decades ago, the slain body of Krista Lee Elliott was discovered in a Las Vegas motel room. With all the time that's passed -- along with the strange circumstances of this homicide -- it's hard to determine whether or not there will ever be closure in this case. One thing is for certain, however, and that's that the murder of this young woman remains one of the most mysterious cold cases in Las Vegas history.

On the morning of June 02, 1982, a maid entered room #2054 at the Frontier Hotel to perform a routine cleaning and tidying. What awaited her after she unlocked the door wasn't the ordinary scene of untidy sheets and filled waste-baskets, though. What welcomed the maid on that morning was a macabre scene of murder -- a crime scene absolutely worthy of any fictionalized crime show focusing on this iconic city. The body of a young blonde woman lay in the motel room's bed. She had been viciously stabbed to death, and laid in a pool of blood that couldn't be fully absorbed by the bedding beneath her.

Not much is known about the victim in this case. Krista Lee Elliott was an attractive young woman of between 25 and 30-years-old. Only one photo publicly exists of the slain woman -- and none of the crime scene photos have ever been publicized. The woman murdered in the famed Frontier Hotel remains an enigma all these many years later.

What also remains an enigma, is the mystery of who may have killed Krista. The name used to check in to the room where her body was found turned out to be a false alias. The man who registered the room used the name Gerry Simms, but this person (detectives claim) does not exist. The mysterious man also used cash to pay for the room, making it impossible to track him down for interrogation surrounding the violent murder of Krista Lee Elliott.

Who could this mysterious man be? Was it a Las Vegas local who stabbed the pretty, young blonde to death? Or was this a tourist who simply killed a woman and went about his way to another city? Anything is possible, especially with there being no public information about this case. That's easy to understand considering it's been over 30 years with no solution in sight, but it disappoints me that this woman is not being represented by any loved ones. Did she have any loved ones?


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