Oct 16, 2016

Mom caught teen doing something horrifying in his bedroom

A Maryland teen is in jail and facing the possibility of life imprisonment, and it's all because his mother walked in on him doing something unthinkable. Opposing Views reports that 14-year-old Solomon Pule raped his own eight-year-old cousin, and threatened her with a weapon to make sure she wouldn't tell on him.

The incident took place in April 2014. The teenage boy's mother was putting her younger child to bed when she noticed that it had become "too quiet" in the home -- where her 14-year-old son and eight-year-old niece were awake at the time. Call it a mother's intuition, but she felt that something was amiss by the silence in the home, so she decided to check in her teenage son's bedroom to check on him and the eight-year-old girl.

To her horror, she discovered exactly why it had become "too quiet." She had literally caught her teenage son in the act of raping his eight-year-old cousin. The Huffington Post reports that 14-year-old Solomon Pule was on top of the little girl, who was partially clothed. His pants were down at the time. The teen's mother noted that a pair of scissors were nearby. Fortunately, she stopped the sexual assault, and was able to find out that Solomon had threatened the little girl with the pair of scissors -- telling her that he would cut her with them if she screamed. The little girl also confirmed that the teen had raped her.

Solomon Pule's mother turned him in to police for the shocking rape of his eight-year-old cousin. Since his arrest, it's been decided that he will be tried as an adult -- which, in the state of Maryland -- could get him life in prison. However, he's only 14-years-old, with no legitimate criminal past. It's not likely that he will be given that stiff of a sentence. As of 2016, no reports have given update on his case.

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