Is Donald Trump a rapist? Casey Anthony's former attorney represents accuser who says he is

Donald Trump's supporters are trying their best to ignore the recent scandal involving him on a hot mic, appearing to joke and brag about sexual assault. However, there appears to be an alleged history of sexual misconduct involving this relic from the Reagan era. ABC News reports that at least one woman has come forward with a lawsuit, alleging that The Donald raped her when she was just a teenager. To make these claims seem more legit, the lawyer that represented Casey Anthony is now representing the woman making these allegations. So could millions of Americans potentially vote for a man who has not only bragged about sexual assault, but possibly committed it?

Cheney Mason is representing a plaintiff known only in the media as "Jane Doe," who alleges that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her when she was just 13-years-old. The woman claims that Trump, along with Jeffrey Epstein, raped her multiple time during at least one occasion -- a party that had been arranged by the billionaire duo. The Independent reports that a judge has granted a hearing to determine whether or not to advance with the trial -- or to determine whether or not Trump should simply settle out of court with the alleged victim. Furthermore, at least one witness exists in these allegations, who claims that parties were held where underage girls were lured for sex (forced or otherwise). 

In case you're suspicious of these allegations -- in particular how the timing seems convenient with him running for President -- then it should be noted that this is not the first time this lawsuit has been brought against Trump. The woman, who alleges that the rapes occurred in 1994, has tried to take Donald Trump to court at least three times with no success. It hasn't been until very recently that a judge has decided to hear the case from both sides to determine how (or if) to proceed. 

Also, this is not the only time Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault. In 1991, Trump's former wife Ivana accused him of violently sexually assaulting her after ripping off her clothes. Another woman, in 1997, also accused the presidential hopeful of raping her. She later withdrew the lawsuit, but has recently gone on the record as defending her allegations against him. When asked if she still "stood by her allegations," she simply replied: "Yes."


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