Hoax alert: Jodi Arias 'early release' story fools gullible readers

A new hoax involving convicted killer Jodi Arias has gone viral, and this time it's almost surprising to see people falling for it. A story published by the Boston Tribune, earlier this month, claims that the Arizona woman may see an early release from prison.

The report cited that an incident between Arias and correctional officers has led to a decision that makes no logical sense whatsoever. The woman who killed Travis Alexander will reportedly be released to "house arrest," and will be required to check-in with a parole officer for three years. Of course, as Snopes has pointed out, this story is absolutely false. Jodi Arias will not be granted an early release -- for any reason -- from prison.

The Boston Tribune is a satirical website that has garnered viral attention before -- like many other sites of similar nature. Sites like these prey on the gullible nature of readers on social media, who swallow whatever headline comes across their timelines. It's unfortunate that so many people fell for this particular hoax, but incredibly fortunate that it was, indeed, a hoax. Jodi Arias is right where she belongs, and will stay behind the walls of a prison for the rest of her natural life.


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