Are Trump supporters dangerous?

Are Donald Trump's supporters a danger to our society? Maybe not all of them -- but it seems that a disturbing number of folks are already getting riled up at the thought of him losing this election. Unfortunately for those people, Hillary is ahead of Donald by several points -- making him less popular than Mitt Romney was when Barack Obama whooped him in the 2012 election. It's gotten to the point that many Republican and Democrat analysts have called the election in Hillary's favor, and several conservative politicians have distanced themselves from their party's current candidate. Meanwhile, Trump himself has declared more than once that, if he loses, that somehow proves that this election is "rigged." He has even refused, preemptively, to accept the outcome of Nov. 8th's election results -- possibly because he already knows that he has failed. Some of his followers are absolutely infuriated -- or are they terrified? -- of the idea of Hillary Clinton being our first female president. So, do the rest of us need to worry about these people?

I had an encounter on Facebook earlier, in the comments beneath a post I had made about my support for Hillary Clinton. Two random guys showed up, who are not on my friend list, to argue their support for Donald Trump in the typical "country" way that some of his followers tend to boisterously do. At least one of these individuals made near-blatant remarks about a so-called "revolution" that would rise up in the event that Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States of America. As laughable as that was, he repeated the comment -- with different wording -- in the same conversation, as if he was trying to intimidate me into reversing my public support for the candidate that he so-irrationally hated. His buddy was no better in his approach, but to be honest, I was entertained. At the same time, I was a little saddened, and worried for the public. When Hillary is elected on Nov. 8th, people like these two men -- who own firearms -- may feel compelled to turn their irrational rage and hatred into some physical manifestation of violence.

I do anticipate at least one assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton's life in the future -- after she is elected as President of the United States. I am grateful that assassination attempts have been largely unsuccessful for many, many years -- even though numerous attempts are recorded. There's no doubt that security for our future president will be incredibly tight for numerous reasons -- and that's to be expected and respected.

Aside from the possible (I say inevitable) threat on Hillary Clinton's life by Trump supporters, I fear that the public -- including our public servants -- may be at risk. Comments made by individuals, as shown in the screenshots in this post, are one thing. But many of us -- the majority of us -- do not share these sentiments. The majority of us, I don't believe, would put up with any so-called revolutionary uprising of those who are expressing sour grapes that their candidate didn't win. I think that many of us would defend our country against the domestic terrorists who try to create terroristic and murderous situations after Hillary is elected, and because of that, I believe that citizens are at as much risk of violence as our elected officials.

We are a country divided -- but if there is one thing I hope we all unite on, is that treason is wrong. Advocating the overthrowing of our government simply because you don't agree with election results (that aren't even known yet, might I add), makes you look like a crazed and dangerous person. Thankfully, dangerous people of that caliber are few and far between in this increasingly progressive nation. And thankfully even mainstream conservatives are against such extreme sentiments. 


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