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Oct 20, 2016

Are Donald Trump's supporters a danger to our society? Maybe not all of them -- but it seems that a disturbing number of folks are already getting riled up at the thought of him losing this election. Unfortunately for those people, Hillary is ahead of Donald by several points -- making him less popular than Mitt Romney was when Barack Obama whooped him in the 2012 election. It's gotten to the point that many Republican and Democrat analysts have called the election in Hillary's favor, and several conservative politicians have distanced themselves from their party's current candidate. Meanwhile, Trump himself has declared more than once that, if he loses, that somehow proves that this election is "rigged." He has even refused, preemptively, to accept the outcome of Nov. 8th's election results -- possibly because he already knows that he has failed. Some of his followers are absolutely infuriated -- or are they terrified? -- of the idea of Hillary Clinton being our first female president. So, do the rest of us need to worry about these people?

I had an encounter on Facebook earlier, in the comments beneath a post I had made about my support for Hillary Clinton. Two random guys showed up, who are not on my friend list, to argue their support for Donald Trump in the typical "country" way that some of his followers tend to boisterously do. At least one of these individuals made near-blatant remarks about a so-called "revolution" that would rise up in the event that Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States of America. As laughable as that was, he repeated the comment -- with different wording -- in the same conversation, as if he was trying to intimidate me into reversing my public support for the candidate that he so-irrationally hated. His buddy was no better in his approach, but to be honest, I was entertained. At the same time, I was a little saddened, and worried for the public. When Hillary is elected on Nov. 8th, people like these two men -- who own firearms -- may feel compelled to turn their irrational rage and hatred into some physical manifestation of violence.

I do anticipate at least one assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton's life in the future -- after she is elected as President of the United States. I am grateful that assassination attempts have been largely unsuccessful for many, many years -- even though numerous attempts are recorded. There's no doubt that security for our future president will be incredibly tight for numerous reasons -- and that's to be expected and respected.

Aside from the possible (I say inevitable) threat on Hillary Clinton's life by Trump supporters, I fear that the public -- including our public servants -- may be at risk. Comments made by individuals, as shown in the screenshots in this post, are one thing. But many of us -- the majority of us -- do not share these sentiments. The majority of us, I don't believe, would put up with any so-called revolutionary uprising of those who are expressing sour grapes that their candidate didn't win. I think that many of us would defend our country against the domestic terrorists who try to create terroristic and murderous situations after Hillary is elected, and because of that, I believe that citizens are at as much risk of violence as our elected officials.

We are a country divided -- but if there is one thing I hope we all unite on, is that treason is wrong. Advocating the overthrowing of our government simply because you don't agree with election results (that aren't even known yet, might I add), makes you look like a crazed and dangerous person. Thankfully, dangerous people of that caliber are few and far between in this increasingly progressive nation. And thankfully even mainstream conservatives are against such extreme sentiments. 

Oct 16, 2016

An Arkansas man has been convicted of various crimes associated with the grisly death of a 90-year-old woman. Investigation Discovery's Crime Feed reports that Richard Jordan Tarver will never see the outside of a prison complex again after what he did to Lavinda Counce. The details surrounding this shocking case are horrifying, and they are also indicative of Hollywood and Television's strange effects on people who suffer from dangerous mental illness.

On July 3, 2015, Richard Tarver broke into the residence of 90-year-old Lavinda Counce. The Arkansas man forcefully removed the elderly woman from her home, and placed her into the trunk of his car. After driving around for an unspecified amount of time, the man pulled over near a cornfield and concluded his macabre plan. Police say that Tarver removed the elderly woman from the trunk of his car, and walked her out among the stalks of corn. It was there that he used a .38-caliber handgun to shoot her in the back of the head.

The 31-year-old man left the 90-year-old woman's body where she was murdered, and then abandoned her vehicle at a hospital in the area. He walked from the hospital to a friend's home, and had them give him a ride home -- under the false story that he had been in the area visiting someone at the hospital. It didn't take long for authorities to track the man down and charge him with the murder of the elderly woman, especially since he was so sloppy as to leave a bag of items at the home of Lavinda Counce. His friend that had given him a ride home on the night of her murder positively identified the bag as belonging to the Arkansas man. The bag reportedly contained items that were part of a sort of post-apocalyptic cosplay. Richard Jorda Tarver identified the items, declaring that he was going to dress up as a "survivor."

"It was part of what I was dressing up as -- as a survivor. Like in the movies...When the world ends."

The Arkansas man ultimately admitted to shooting Counce, and cited his motive was so he could prepare for a potential zombie epidemic. He told detectives that he needed to practice shooting zombies, "to learn what it felt like." He chose the 90-year-old woman for the most sickening reason: Because she was "the closest thing" to a zombie that he could find. He also admitted to stealing $50.00 from the slain elderly woman, which he used to fund his nine-year-old daughter's birthday party.

Richard Tarver has been sentenced to three life terms of imprisonment, plus 22 years. Ironically, he's in the worst place a person could be in the event of a zombie apocalypse. He should know this, since he admitted to binge-watching The Walking Dead shortly before killing Lavinda Counce.
A Maryland teen is in jail and facing the possibility of life imprisonment, and it's all because his mother walked in on him doing something unthinkable. Opposing Views reports that 14-year-old Solomon Pule raped his own eight-year-old cousin, and threatened her with a weapon to make sure she wouldn't tell on him.

The incident took place in April 2014. The teenage boy's mother was putting her younger child to bed when she noticed that it had become "too quiet" in the home -- where her 14-year-old son and eight-year-old niece were awake at the time. Call it a mother's intuition, but she felt that something was amiss by the silence in the home, so she decided to check in her teenage son's bedroom to check on him and the eight-year-old girl.

To her horror, she discovered exactly why it had become "too quiet." She had literally caught her teenage son in the act of raping his eight-year-old cousin. The Huffington Post reports that 14-year-old Solomon Pule was on top of the little girl, who was partially clothed. His pants were down at the time. The teen's mother noted that a pair of scissors were nearby. Fortunately, she stopped the sexual assault, and was able to find out that Solomon had threatened the little girl with the pair of scissors -- telling her that he would cut her with them if she screamed. The little girl also confirmed that the teen had raped her.

Solomon Pule's mother turned him in to police for the shocking rape of his eight-year-old cousin. Since his arrest, it's been decided that he will be tried as an adult -- which, in the state of Maryland -- could get him life in prison. However, he's only 14-years-old, with no legitimate criminal past. It's not likely that he will be given that stiff of a sentence. As of 2016, no reports have given update on his case.
Good riddance to bad rubbish: I'm very pleased to learn that the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery in Gresham, Oregon has finally closed, after a years-long battle over their mistreatment over LGBT customers. This news broke earlier this month, with Opposing Views reporting that the owners of Sweet Cakes announced the closure on Sept. 29. 

Bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein launched themselves down the road to failure when they refused their business to a lesbian couple in 2012. By 2013, the couple found themselves the targets of a lawsuit launched by the couple. They also attracted the attention of national media and the scrutiny of people from one end of the country to the other. While they did gain support from conservatives and religious fanatics, they were still legally found to be in violation of Oregon state law, and were ordered to pay more than $100k for their behavior.
Here it is four years later, and Sweet Cakes by Melissa is finally closed. No longer will Aaron and Melissa Klein feel empowered to berate members of the LGBT community, who are simply looking for services that are otherwise offered to the public. Hopefully their story serves as a warning to other business owners who may feel that they are justified in discriminating against members of the public.

Oct 10, 2016

Donald Trump's supporters are trying their best to ignore the recent scandal involving him on a hot mic, appearing to joke and brag about sexual assault. However, there appears to be an alleged history of sexual misconduct involving this relic from the Reagan era. ABC News reports that at least one woman has come forward with a lawsuit, alleging that The Donald raped her when she was just a teenager. To make these claims seem more legit, the lawyer that represented Casey Anthony is now representing the woman making these allegations. So could millions of Americans potentially vote for a man who has not only bragged about sexual assault, but possibly committed it?

Cheney Mason is representing a plaintiff known only in the media as "Jane Doe," who alleges that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her when she was just 13-years-old. The woman claims that Trump, along with Jeffrey Epstein, raped her multiple time during at least one occasion -- a party that had been arranged by the billionaire duo. The Independent reports that a judge has granted a hearing to determine whether or not to advance with the trial -- or to determine whether or not Trump should simply settle out of court with the alleged victim. Furthermore, at least one witness exists in these allegations, who claims that parties were held where underage girls were lured for sex (forced or otherwise). 

In case you're suspicious of these allegations -- in particular how the timing seems convenient with him running for President -- then it should be noted that this is not the first time this lawsuit has been brought against Trump. The woman, who alleges that the rapes occurred in 1994, has tried to take Donald Trump to court at least three times with no success. It hasn't been until very recently that a judge has decided to hear the case from both sides to determine how (or if) to proceed. 

Also, this is not the only time Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault. In 1991, Trump's former wife Ivana accused him of violently sexually assaulting her after ripping off her clothes. Another woman, in 1997, also accused the presidential hopeful of raping her. She later withdrew the lawsuit, but has recently gone on the record as defending her allegations against him. When asked if she still "stood by her allegations," she simply replied: "Yes."

A new hoax involving convicted killer Jodi Arias has gone viral, and this time it's almost surprising to see people falling for it. A story published by the Boston Tribune, earlier this month, claims that the Arizona woman may see an early release from prison.

The report cited that an incident between Arias and correctional officers has led to a decision that makes no logical sense whatsoever. The woman who killed Travis Alexander will reportedly be released to "house arrest," and will be required to check-in with a parole officer for three years. Of course, as Snopes has pointed out, this story is absolutely false. Jodi Arias will not be granted an early release -- for any reason -- from prison.

The Boston Tribune is a satirical website that has garnered viral attention before -- like many other sites of similar nature. Sites like these prey on the gullible nature of readers on social media, who swallow whatever headline comes across their timelines. It's unfortunate that so many people fell for this particular hoax, but incredibly fortunate that it was, indeed, a hoax. Jodi Arias is right where she belongs, and will stay behind the walls of a prison for the rest of her natural life.
Halloween is just around the corner, and tis the season for throw blankets, hot cocoa and spooky stories -- but what stories are spookier than true ones? The following cases are examples of some of the most gruesome real-life crimes committed on this popular autumn holiday.

Texas man Johnny Frank Garrett committed a crime that some may consider unthinkable. On October 31, 1981, the 17-year-old teenager let himself into the St. Francis Convent -- which was located across the street from his family's residence. On the second floor of the convent, he encountered 76-year-old nun, Sister Tadea Benz. Instead of fleeing from the convent, like most teenagers would do, Johnny Frank Garrett assaulted the elderly woman. The Texas man not only assaulted her, but he raped, strangled and killed the nun -- then left her body on the second floor of the convent from which he fled.

Garrett's case isn't only famous because he committed the grisly crime on Halloween morning. What made his case ultimately famous was the fact that he was sentenced to the death penalty at only 17-years-old. What's more, the state of Texas carried out that penalty and executed the man when he was 28-years-old -- more than a decade after he was convicted of his crimes. His defenders have famously argued against the fact that he was underage when he was sentenced to death -- and have also noted that he was seriously mentally challenged.

Sixteen-year-old Lynette Ledford was tortured and killed by two serial killers on Halloween.
The teenager was walking home from a Halloween party in 1979, when the duo known as the "Tool Box Killers," picked her up in their van. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris raped and tortured the teenage girl. They reportedly sodomized her with a pair of pliers, and used a hammer to bash her elbows while recording her screams of agony. Ultimately, the California teen was strangled to death with a piece of wire. Her body was dumped on the lawn of a random residence in Hermosa Beach, just to see the reaction in media reports.

The two serial killers who took this teenager's life on Halloween, also had a handful of other female victims -- all of which were young girls under the age of 19-years-old. Thankfully, they were both apprehended and their crime spree only lasted for a couple of months in the year 1979.

Sometimes poisoned candy doesn't come from strangers. On Halloween in 1974, Texas man Ronald Clark O'Bryan executed a deadly plan against his own children -- and some neighborhood kids as well. The man poisoned some packages of the popular "Pixy Stix" powder straws, and then coerced his 11-year-old son into ingesting it -- even though the child claimed that it tasted funny. It wasn't long before the child was violently ill, and he was dead before he could make it to a nearby hospital. Ultimately, the Texas man was convicted of this horrifying crime, and was put to death by lethal injection.

With all the recent madness surrounding "clown sightings" across the country, it's easy to laugh at those who are actually panicked. After all, a clown is still just a person in makeup and costume, even if they do look creepy. Nonetheless, there have been multiple incidents involving clowns -- in real life -- that make the current panic slightly understandable. One of those incidents is the unsolved murder of Florida woman Marlene Warren.

On May 26, 1990, Marlene Warren answered her front door to someone who was dressed as a clown. The character was carrying flowers and balloons, but he was not there to give them as gifts to the Florida woman -- nor was he there to perform any cheerful clown antics for her amusement. Instead, the costumed person pulled out a handgun and shot Marlene Warren in the face.

It has been many years, but Marlene's costumed killer has never been identified. Her husband was suspected at one time during the investigation, but no arrests have ever been made. Now, her story exists on the internet, as fodder for those who want to debate on whether or not there is truly a history of clown-related killings in the United States (excluding John Wayne Gacy of course).

Are you afraid of clowns?

Oct 9, 2016

Over three decades ago, the slain body of Krista Lee Elliott was discovered in a Las Vegas motel room. With all the time that's passed -- along with the strange circumstances of this homicide -- it's hard to determine whether or not there will ever be closure in this case. One thing is for certain, however, and that's that the murder of this young woman remains one of the most mysterious cold cases in Las Vegas history.

On the morning of June 02, 1982, a maid entered room #2054 at the Frontier Hotel to perform a routine cleaning and tidying. What awaited her after she unlocked the door wasn't the ordinary scene of untidy sheets and filled waste-baskets, though. What welcomed the maid on that morning was a macabre scene of murder -- a crime scene absolutely worthy of any fictionalized crime show focusing on this iconic city. The body of a young blonde woman lay in the motel room's bed. She had been viciously stabbed to death, and laid in a pool of blood that couldn't be fully absorbed by the bedding beneath her.

Not much is known about the victim in this case. Krista Lee Elliott was an attractive young woman of between 25 and 30-years-old. Only one photo publicly exists of the slain woman -- and none of the crime scene photos have ever been publicized. The woman murdered in the famed Frontier Hotel remains an enigma all these many years later.

What also remains an enigma, is the mystery of who may have killed Krista. The name used to check in to the room where her body was found turned out to be a false alias. The man who registered the room used the name Gerry Simms, but this person (detectives claim) does not exist. The mysterious man also used cash to pay for the room, making it impossible to track him down for interrogation surrounding the violent murder of Krista Lee Elliott.

Who could this mysterious man be? Was it a Las Vegas local who stabbed the pretty, young blonde to death? Or was this a tourist who simply killed a woman and went about his way to another city? Anything is possible, especially with there being no public information about this case. That's easy to understand considering it's been over 30 years with no solution in sight, but it disappoints me that this woman is not being represented by any loved ones. Did she have any loved ones?

During the nighttime hours of February 16, 2007 -- just two days following Valentine's Day -- 21-year-old Brianna Jean Schlick was violently murdered. Now it's nearing a decade since that fatal day, and authorities still haven't figured out who took the life of this young woman. Will this case ever be solved?

The homicide took place around the 7300 block of Sundown Glen Avenue -- an otherwise quiet and "nice" part of Las Vegas. An unknown assailant entered the home where Brianna Schlick was babysitting for the evening. She was sleeping on the couch at the time, and died by a single gunshot wound to the head. At this time there have been no publicized leads in the search for her killer, nor have any suspects or persons of interest been named.

Who would randomly kill a sleeping woman in a quiet Las Vegas neighborhood? Hopefully authorities with the Las Vegas Metro Police can figure out who killed this woman before another decade passes.

Oct 8, 2016

Authorities in Arkansas are looking for Shannon Palmer. The 33-year-old woman hasn't been seen since August 10, making it approximately two months that she has been missing. What's troubling is the sparse media coverage in this case, as her loved ones continue to search for her. What few circumstances exist in the disappearance of the Arkansas woman can indicate a number of scenarios -- and unfortunately, none of them lead to happy endings. So what happened to Shannon? Is she the victim of foul play, or can her disappearance be explained through other theories?

The missing woman's husband troubles me. That doesn't mean that I'm leveling any accusations against the man. After all, his wife is missing, and this is a time that is -- ordinarily -- a time of mourning, confusion and anger. Nonetheless, I want to express that the hubby didn't make his presence in this case entirely known until the vehicle driven by Shannon Palmer was discovered. Her truck was found near a Mississippi River levee, approximately a half hour from her residence. The truck reportedly contained her purse. Shoes belonging to the Arkansas woman were also reportedly found in the woods near the truck. So what could all this mean?

The media isn't paying much attention to this case, and with each week that passes the likelihood of it regaining interest is almost nonexistent. Meanwhile, her loved ones continue to wonder what happened to her. I want to know why her truck was found parked by a river levee, and what other evidence -- if any -- has been located. Did she wander off on her own, or did someone put her somewhere? 
What happened to missing soldier Shadow McClaine? The 25-year-old Kentucky woman last had contact with her loved ones on Sept. 2, at around 7:07 p.m. However, the contact was via text message with her mother. As far as I'm concerned, this does not guarantee that this was the actual last contact she had with anyone. The very last text sent from her phone indicated that she was driving. From that point, her phone was turned off, and she has not gotten back in contact with her mother -- or other loved ones -- since that evening. It has been over a month since she vanished, but what could be behind this strange disappearance?

Oct 4, 2016

Missouri baby Lisa Irwin still hasn't been found, and it's been five years since she was last seen alive. To make matters worse in this case, there have been no new developments in the investigation for quite a long time. Meanwhile, the parents of the missing infant still remain the focus of suspicion among numerous people in the public -- myself included -- and law enforcement in Kansas City.