Jun 12, 2016

Woman bites store employee while stealing deodorant and cheese

A Texas woman is in jail on charges associated with a violent shoplifting incident that took place earlier this month. Times Record News reports that 39-year-old Tesha Brooke Bernal took things too far when she was confronted by a Cash Saver clerk on shoplifting accusations. Now she's facing stiff legal penalties, including at least one felony.

The incident began when a clerk at a Cash Saver store noticed the 39-year-old woman sneaking a bar of deodorant into her handbag. Her alleged shoplifting didn't end there, however, because the clerk also alleges that Bernal stole a bag of cheese after taking the deodorant.

When the Texas woman exited the store, the male clerk decided to follow her to her car. It was there that he confronted her and asked her to come back inside of the store to discuss the items she had allegedly shoplifted. This sparked anger in the Texas woman, who reportedly reacted with resistance. The clerk reportedly tried to take the woman's keys from her, and she lashed out at him and bit him in the shoulder.

When the employee searched the woman's bag, he found that she had stolen two packs of breakfast sausage, a stick of deodorant and a bag of cheese. The total value of the items she allegedly stole was under $12.00. Meanwhile, she's being held in jail on bond in the amount of $30,000. She has been charged with robbery, but no reports have shared whether or not she is being charged with assault stemming from the attack on the store clerk. If convicted, she can find herself in prison along with a pile of fines that total far more than the worth of the items she is accused of stealing.

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