Where is Sarah Ross? Woman missing from French Quarter

Authorities in New Orleans are looking for Sarah Ross. The 23-year-old missing woman was last seen at around 3:00 p.m., in the area near the Natchez Steamboat. WGNO reports that she has not made any contact with her loved ones since her mysterious disappearance.

Ross has reportedly been living in a van with one of her friends, which is where she was last seen. According to reports, Sarah was walking away from the van when her friend last saw her. She was reached by phone the following day and promised that she was walking back to the van. However, she has since fallen out of contact, and her loved ones are worried.

It should be noted that this missing woman is a recovering drug addict. Authorities say that they do not believe she has any medical conditions that can render her in any present danger. Nonetheless, it's hard not to speculate that Sarah Ross may have gone voluntarily missing due to her current struggles with heroin addiction. Hopefully more information comes out soon.

If you've seen the woman pictured above, please do not hesitate to contact Eight District Detectives at 658-6080.


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