Teen smiles in mugshot after strangling her newborn baby to death

A New Jersey teen has been arrested in association with the violent death of her newborn baby girl. ABC News 6 reports that 19-year-old Jade Fanz choked the newborn with her bare hands when she was just a couple of minutes old. This story illustrates a horrifying truth, that some young women are capable of committing horrifyingly unthinkable acts against children. However, one of the most sickening details in this case isn't the fact that she murdered her own baby, but that this 19-year-old woman smiled in her mugshot after she was arrested for the grim crime she is accused of committing.

Police in Franklin Township, New Jersey became aware of what had happened after the body of a newborn baby girl was found on the property where Jade Fanz resides with her parents. The February 17 discovery also came after the young woman had sought medical attention at a nearby hospital. Authorities in Franklin Township are not commenting on how the newborn baby was concealed on the property, or where. They also won't comment on the circumstances of how they became aware that a newborn baby had been killed and hidden on someone's property. If I had a guess, I'd say hospital staff may have alerted the police after 19-year-old Jade sought medical attention for reported hemorrhaging.

No motive has been released surrounding why Jade Fanz strangled her newborn daughter to death. No reports are indicating on whether or not anyone even knew this 19-year-old New Jersey girl was pregnant in the first place. It should be noted that in several cases of teen mothers killing their newborns, their pregnancies had also been concealed from their loved ones. There are numerous so-called "reasons" for why these events take place, but the bottom line is that the young women who do this ultimately ruin their lives when they are inevitably figured out and arrested.

New Jersey is a "Safe Haven" state, meaning any unwanted children can be dropped off at hospitals and police stations with no questions asked -- as long as there are no signs of abuse or other criminal activities. There is absolutely no excuse for what this young woman is accused of doing, which is why she has been charged with murder, as well as charges associated with unlawfully concealing a death. She is currently in jail on bond in the amount of $250k. Something tells me her next mugshot won't come with a smirk.


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