Jun 22, 2016

Sparks cold case: Who killed Tina Huston?

On October 30, 1995 -- Halloween Eve -- the body of  34-year-old Tina Huston was found violently murdered in her home. Her body was discovered by officers who were sent to her mobile home in Sparks, Nevada on a so-called "welfare check." However, it's never been clarified as to why they were sent on that welfare check in the first place. The details surrounding this 20-year-old cold case are still closely guarded by detectives, but what little that has been released indicates that this woman suffered a horrifyingly painful and brutal death. Who killed this woman, and why? Authorities in Northern Nevada have their work cut out for them with this case, but they remain dedicated to tracking down her killer, even after two decades.

What concerns me, first and foremost, is the date of her murder. Sometimes called "Halloween eve," the night before Halloween -- especially in the United States -- is of significant importance. This is the traditional night of "trickery" and mischief that leads up to the candy-filled festivities that Halloween night brings. In fact, the night before Halloween is often called "Mischief Night," and sometimes even "Devil's Night." This isn't to be confused with the British holiday "Mischief Night," which lands the night before Guy Fawkes Night. For the most part, "Mischief Night," is known for pranks and vandalism. However, there have been plenty of violent incidents in the United States which may or may not be connected to the unofficial holiday. Could this mean that Tina Huston was the victim of someone's twisted idea of some "Mischief Night" festivities? 

To be honest, the odds of Tina Huston's death being specifically related to Halloween are probably pretty slim. At the least, it's a creepy coincidence, and another scary element to a cold case that is already terrifying. Whether or not the holiday was part of the motive in association with her death, the fact remains that this woman was slain during the Halloween season in a horrifically violent crime that remains unsolved.

Detectives still won't release exactly how she died, or the manner in which her body was found in her Sparks home. However, they have referred to her death as both "brutal," and "very, very vicious." Her official cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma, but no other details exist for the public domain. They have also pointed out that this slain woman didn't live a high-risk lifestyle. She was known to be a hard-working mother, who was devoted to her children and the church she attended. She was a highly religious woman who lived a quiet life.

Authorities investigating this cold case have also stated their belief that this was not a random murder. They believe that the person(s) responsible for Tina Huston's death was someone she knew personally. 

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