Jun 20, 2016

Police: Elko man stabbed himself multiple times

An Elko, Nevada man has been taken to a Boise hospital for treatment, after he suffered numerous stab wounds to his body. Elko Daily reports that the unnamed man told authorities that a group of men had stabbed him at the Jerritt Canyon mine (north of Elko).

Deputies responded to Jerritt Canyon mine, where the man was reportedly "wandering around the area," and had been for a couple of days. Undersheriff Kevin McKinney told the newspaper that the man was transported to a hospital for treatment, and had lost a lot of blood initially. However, they could not confirm claims made by the man -- that he had been stabbed numerous times by a group of males at the mine.

"Further investigation showed that he was an employee at Jerritt Canyon mine, and that those injuries were probably self-inflicted," said McKinney.

The acting Undersheriff added that the wounds were all superficial in nature, which is consistent with most self-inflicted stab wounds.

There aren't many details to this story, and the Elko man hasn't been identified in any reports. Hopefully more information comes out about this, because the whole story just seems shady as hell. Was this man stabbed multiple times by a group of men like he had claimed, or are police right in announcing that his wounds were self-inflicted? 

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