Police: Elisabeth Floyd murdered her 96-year-old neighbor

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of killing her 96-year-old neighbor, after he died from injuries he received in a brutal assault. ABC News 6 reports that 34-year-old Elisabeth Floyd violently assaulted the elderly man approximately five months ago, inflicting numerous serious injuries in the process. When he was discovered battered in his own driveway, he had a broken hip and other injuries that required long-term medical care. Now he's dead after a five month battle, and the Pennsylvania woman is in a lot of trouble.

Originally, Elisabeth Floyd faced charges associated with violently assaulting the 96-year-old elderly man. However, authorities have upgraded her charges to third-degree murder. In the state of Pennsylvania, a third-degree murder charge carries a sentence of 20 to 40 years of imprisonment.

Authorities in Pennsylvania have not released a motive in this case, but what motive could there possibly be for a 34-year-old woman to brutally beat a 96-year-old man to death? Elisabeth Floyd is currently being held without bond.


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