Jun 7, 2016

Parrot may be witness to murder

No, this isn't satire. A parrot may be the only living witness to a murder that took place in May of this year. KMOV News reports that the mother of 45-year-old victim Martin Duram claims that the man's pet bird has been saying some interesting things since the horrifying incident that ended in his demise.

Lillian Duram says that Martin's pet Parrot, named Bud, was in the home and may have "witnessed" her son's murder, which is unsolved. The family parrot has been repeating a single phrase, which appears to be a mimicry of Martin Duram's last words.

"Don't fucking shoot!"

Lillian believes that this is what the bird heard her son saying before he was fatally shot in his home in May. However, Robert Springstead (Newaygo County Prosecutor) doesn't believe that the bird's "testimony" is going to be of any use in the court of law. The prosecutor has been quoted as showing disbelief in a parrot's testimony being useful.

It should be noted, however, that pets have helped in solving mysteries in the past. Last year, a parrot in India helped solve the murder of its owner when family members noticed that he would become distressed any time one of their relatives came around. The family parrot would shriek and show signs of stress toward the individual, which inspired suspicion among the victim's family members. When they notified police of their suspicions, and they questioned the young man, he confessed to murdering his aunt (and her dog). It seems that this parrot did indeed provide "testimony," which helped in solving a murder.

Perhaps with the addition of solid evidence and hard investigative work, the words of the murder victim's parrot (in this latest case) may help in finding out who killed him. It's something for which Martin Duram's mother has hope -- and it's certainly better than nothing at all.

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