Northern Nevada unidentified body: Who is Valerie Doe?

In May 1991, some hikers in the Black Rock Desert stumbled upon a grave site, which contained the murdered body of an unidentified woman. The woman's body was found just about 11 miles north of the town of Gerlach, in rural Pershing County. Over the course of the past 25 years, authorities in Nevada have never been able to figure out who this woman is.

This Jane Doe was found with unique jewelry: A bracelet with the name 'Valerie' engraved in it, and a bracelet depicting a serpent or dragon with abalone shell inlaid in it. She was wearing a pair of KIKKU brand jeans, a Stage brand black blouse and a dark camisole top underneath it. Photos of the clothing she was found in haven't been released, nor have photos of her body -- unlike some other Doe cases. Authorities have stressed that her clothing was made overseas -- the top made in Turkey, and her jeans made in England.

Valerie Doe (named by the bracelet found on her body) was evidently shot to death and put in a shallow grave in the Northern Nevada desert. Her DNA has been compared to numerous missing women, but no connections have yet been made. Authorities in Pershing County need help in identifying this woman.


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