Northern Nevada Jane Doe: Can you identify this unidentified victim?

Detectives in Carson City need help identifying a woman who was found in a shallow grave on March 17, 2015. She was discovered by someone who was walking in the area north of Lone Mountain Cemetery. The NamUs report says that he discovered her by noticing a tennis shoe sticking from a mound of earth. The woman's remains were skeletal, but tissue was still attached, which indicates that she may not have been dead for super long time. In fact, authorities believe she could have been dead for approximately a year. Detectives believe she may have died sometime in 2014.

She is described as a white female between the ages of 42 and 71. Several images exist of her remains, but they don't seem to be very useful in identifying her. Artist renderings of the woman may help, but so far nobody has come forward to identify her or share any information that might lead to a positive match.

Authorities have also not confirmed whether or not this woman was an actual homicide victim, nor have they released a cause of death -- if they even know it. However, the fact that she was buried in a shallow grave north of the cemetery is a pretty stark indication that this woman was a victim of a crime. At the very least her body was dumped, which is a crime in and of itself. The short and sweet fact of the matter: Someone knows who this woman is and how she ended up put in a shallow hole in the ground. That person needs to be brought to justice, whether it's for murder or illegally concealing human remains.
So far, a small number of missing women have been ruled out as not being this unidentified woman. However, there are thousands of women missing in the United States, many of which disappeared between 2012 and the beginning of 2015. This decedent could have been a missing woman from anywhere in the country, only to end up in Carson City in a shallow grave. On the other hand, this could be someone local to the area -- a Northern Nevada resident -- who has not been reported missing by her loved ones. Anything is possible in this case because authorities appear to have absolutely no clue who this woman is and how she ended up where she was found a little over a year ago.

If you think you might recognize someone (who is missing) that resembles the artist rendering, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Carson City, Nevada. Any suggestions of who this woman might be is helpful. The more people are ruled out, the closer authorities will get to actually identifying her and hopefully bringing her the justice she deserves.


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