Megan Ferranti missing under suspicious circumstances

Authorities in Macomb County, Michigan are looking for Megan Ferranti. The 27-year-old woman vanished around February 25 of this year, and has not since made any contact with her loved ones. The circumstances surrounding this missing woman's disappearance are also a little troubling, although there are very few details at all. Was this woman kidnapped, and possibly a victim of foul play? Or is there some other reason for her to have vanished without a trace?

Authorities in Macomb County say that Megan Ferranti was last seen getting into a green Chevy Cavalier on February 25. Other circumstances surrounding when she was last seen have not been clarified in any media reports. In fact, there has been absolutely no media coverage over this missing woman's disappearance. This troubling fact has resulted in Ferranti's case getting little to no attention. Social media is also not paying any attention to the Michigan woman's disappearance.

So what happened to Megan Ferranti? Was she kidnapped? Did she meet some kind of foul play after she was last seen? It's impossible to even begin speculating on what may have happened to her, but the fact that she was last seen getting in to a vehicle is troubling, especially when there is no information about this vehicle or the person driving it.

Hopefully more information comes out about this missing woman's disappearance. In the meantime, please spread the word about her case in hopes of getting more attention to it.


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