Lindie Stewart tried to eat her friend's face during drug frenzy

A New York woman has been arrested after authorities say that she tried to gnaw off one of her friends' faces during a drug-fueled rampage. The Daily Mail reports that 37-year-old Lindie Stewart is facing charges of third-degree assault, and is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluations while she is jailed. The May incident has also earned her the nickname of "cannibal mother" in media reports.

It's another bizarre case involving drug use -- or rather, the actions of someone who certainly should not be doing any drugs. Authorities say that 37-year-old Lindie Stewart may have been under the influence of cocaine, crystal meth and bath salts when she totally lost her shit on her male friend and her boyfriend.

Police in Newark were called to a residence where they discovered the irate woman being held down by the alleged victim of the attack. Michael Maricle allegedly had injuries to his face and neck, and police have claimed that he was bleeding. Also at the scene of the incident was Stewart's boyfriend, Rocky Rouse. Rouse told police that he was called by his mother to check on the Newark woman, who had been acting erratically.

Rouse offered a statement to authorities, telling them that she violently attacked Maricle in an attempt to literally eat his face and chin. He also told authorities that the woman was making  bizarre and nonsensical comments.

"She said she is taking Alice to the Moon and that she would kill. She also kept saying lol lol lol."

When Rouse attempted to subdue his girlfriend, she also attacked him. She bit the man in his chest and armpit during the attack.

Lindie Stewart is currently being held on bond in the amount of $2k. It's not known at this time if she has an attorney.


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