Is this Jane Doe another Green River Serial Killer victim?

Gary Ridgway, aka "The Green River Killer," is one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history, but many of his victims still haven't been found. He was convicted of slaying 48 women, but he has notoriously claimed that the actual body count is close to double that number. Gary was active between the years 1982 and 2001 -- meaning he had an outrageous amount of time to pick off women at his leisure. With that said, is it possible that some of the unsolved Jane Doe cases that remain open (nationwide) could be victims of this notorious madman? One Jane Doe in particular was found in Spokane, Washington in 1984 -- a region that is more than familiar to the convicted murderer.

On June 20, 1984, the nude and dismembered body of an unidentified woman was found along the edge of the Spokane River. Her hands and feet have never been recovered, but in 1998 her skull was found in a vacant lot in Spokane. It's more than clear that this woman was the victim of a horrifying act, and her killer has evaded detection. That's absolutely because she's never been identified. Artist renderings of this Jane Doe are absolutely horrendous, and probably another factor in why this woman hasn't been identified (no offense, of course, because detectives have worked hard on this case for many years). Without a positive identification, it's difficult to find suspects, which ordinarily include acquaintances. That's unless, of course, the unidentified person is the victim of a twisted serial killer.

I cannot help but feel like Gary Ridgway may be able to offer insight on who this woman may be, or where she came from. The notorious Green River Killer has ties to Spokane, among many other areas. He was also known to dismember his victims, who were prostitutes. It's possible that this unidentified victim was a prostitute, which would explain another hurdle in trying to identify her. Prostitutes tend to live lifestyles that render them out of touch with loved ones. Also, in a lot of cases, incidents involving prostitutes are ignored by media and law enforcement. This makes them absolutely ideal targets for sex-crazed serial killers who like to operate somewhat under the radar. Of course, Gary Ridgway wasn't entirely under the radar, because he was investigated for several years before he was finally arrested on suspicion of serial murder.

What is known about this Jane Doe is that she had given birth to a child at least once, so there could absolutely be a grown adult out there wondering where their birth mother is, not even realizing that she's listed as a Jane Doe in Spokane, Washington. This adult child could be with extended family members of the unidentified woman, or he or she could have been placed up for adoption as a baby. There are so many scenarios, but until authorities are able to identify this Jane Doe, nothing is certain.


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