Cold case in Dayton: Where are Beverly and Gordon Brehm?

Authorities in Dayton, Nevada have a cold case mystery on their hands that's gone approximately eight years without being solved. On November 28, 2008, 74-year-old Beverly Brehm disappeared from her home -- along with her 69-year-old brother Gordon Brehm. The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of these two family members are mostly unknown, but a suicide within the household, years later, seems more than a little strange. What happened to these two Northern Nevada residents, and why haven't detectives been able to bring closure to their loved ones for the better part of a decade?

People who knew Beverly Brehm say that she was acting more and more "reclusive" after she had quit her job (place of employment not published in reports). The NamUs report on this case says that her former husband was living in the home with both her and her 69-year-old brother Gordon around the time of her disappearance. For the most part, it seems that this was the extent of her family, at least according to what the available information about her indicates. She was reportedly estranged from her children and kept to herself -- a personality trait that has probably made it all the more difficult to solve her disappearance.

Gordon Brehm moved in with Beverly and her ex-husband in 2006, but little else is known about him. There are also no photos of him published online, or any reports that may highlight any circumstances around his disappearance. No police reports are published online as well, so it's not known if any thorough investigation had been done surrounding the disappearance of this man and his older sister.

The ex-husband of Beverly Brehm committed suicide in January 2013. While the NamUs report does not name the man, a Find a Grave page appears to identify him as James Albert MacTavish. There are no readily available news reports covering this suicide, nor have authorities in Dayton or Yerington (the department investigating the Brehms' disappearances) made any public comments about what they believe may have happened.

It's easy to feel suspicion toward the ex-husband of the missing elderly woman. However, there is no indication that he killed himself out of guilt. No evidence has ever been discussed in this case in the public domain, so for all that is known, the man could have committed suicide for any number of reasons. Guilt could very well be a reason behind the suicide, but so could grief from loss, among many other reasons.

Is foul play suspected in this double disappearance? Police have never indicated any such line of thought, but at the same time they have played this case so close to their chests that it wouldn't be hard to believe that hardly anybody has even heard of these two missing people. That's a shame, because with mass awareness comes a stronger push to find the missing -- and that's important.

What do you think happened to the Dayton, Nevada woman and her brother? Could the suicide of her ex-husband be any indication of what might have taken place on November 28, 2008?


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