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Jun 30, 2016

It has been more than two years since Heather Elvis vanished from the Myrtle Beach area, in a case that has South Carolina residents absolutely divided. Two people are accused of kidnapping -- and possibly murdering -- the missing South Carolina woman: A married couple by the names Sidney and Tammy Moorer. Over the course of the past two and a half years, authorities in South Carolina have focused specifically on the Moorers, attempting to put them on trial even though the publicized evidence against them doesn't seem like enough. In fact, murder charges against them have been totally dropped. This tells me that the prosecution does not have the proof to actually charge and convict the couple of killing the missing South Carolina woman, so what could that mean about the rest of the accusations against them?

Even though charges of murder against Sidney and Tammy have been dropped, the state is still pursuing kidnapping charges against them. However, Sidney Moorer's side of this process has just ended in a mistrial -- much to the disappointment of the virtual lynch mob headed by Heather's father Terry. The mistrial was supposedly declared because the jurors deadlocked on whether or not to convict the man of kidnapping his former lover. While 10 jurors wanted to convict, two would not. The trial will presumably be rescheduled, and Tammy's trial is supposed to begin sometime in the future.

There could be a number of reasons why jurors couldn't see eye-to-eye on whether or not Sidney Moorer is guilty in the kidnapping of Heather Elvis. Some people believe that there was a conflict of interest in the juror pool -- that one of the jurors happens to be a friend of Sidney's defense attorney. This is nothing that has been confirmed as a fact. At this time it is just gossip that hasn't been confirmed. If it's true, then certainly something will come of it. I'm not really convinced it is true, though.

Where is the actual evidence?
It seems that most of what has been used against Sidney and Tammy is little more than circumstantial evidence. One of those pieces of "evidence," that was mentioned during Sidney's recent trial, was the fact that he was seen purchasing a cigar and a pregnancy test around the time of Heather's disappearance. This was actually something that many thought was a rumor back in the early days of her disappearance, which was used to speculate that Heather may have been pregnant.

While it could still easily be speculated that Heather Elvis got pregnant before her disappearance, it needs to be noted that Tammy Caison Moorer was reported as pregnant around the time of her arrest. This is why the supposed surveillance footage of Sidney purchasing the pregnancy test is nothing more than circumstantial. It does not prove without a shadow of doubt that Heather Elvis was pregnant, nor does it prove without a shadow of doubt that Sidney had a thing to do with her disappearance. The timing looks suspect. That is certainly true, but it is not hardcore, irrefutable evidence to prove that Sidney took part in Heather's disappearance and/or death.

Now, let's talk about this cellphone evidence that was used against Sidney Moorer in court (again, mistrial by the way). Texts were sent from Sidney's phone to Heather's which were a little odd, and indicative that trouble certainly was present between the married couple and the now-missing woman. Sidney supposedly texted "Stop stalking me," to Heather. There were also messages which indicated that Tammy sent veiled threats to Heather, asking if she'd be interested in "meeting the Mrs." A forensic mapping of Heather's cellphone indicated that her phone had traveled from the direction of the Elvis residence, and then to the  boat landing where her car was ultimately found abandoned. No records indicate that her phone had been in the vicinity of the Moorer residence.

I also find it incredibly interesting that the expert who mapped Heather's phone for use as evidence against the Moorers, did not do the same for Tammy or Sidney Moorer's phones.

In regards to the veiled threats sent from (presumably) Tammy Moorer, it really doesn't prove anything either. It does seem suspicious, but only from a circumstantial standpoint. How many of us -- in fits of jealousy and/or anger -- have made similar comments to others who may have been threats to our relationships? I have admittedly threatened to knock a few women out over the course of the past 20 years that I've been in the dating and relationship arena. Emotions run high when you're "in love" with someone that another woman is trying to take away from you, and while most of the blame rests on the shoulders of the cheating partner, irrationality also rears its ugly head when one's "territory" is being invaded. We're only human -- and I am absolutely lucky that none of the women that I have confronted have gone missing or ended up murder. If Tammy and Sidney Moorer were not responsible for Heather's disappearance, then they have certainly fallen victim to some incredibly unfortunate circumstances.

Are Tammy and Sidney wrongly accused of kidnapping Heather Elvis?
This won't be a popular opinion, but I think it is highly probable. I cannot ignore the circumstantial evidence, because the circumstances are what they are. However, it's still circumstantial evidence -- and without any hardcore forensic proof, how are we so sure that this couple took any role in Heather's disappearance?

I find it troubling that, from the  beginning, investigators in Horry County have focused primarily on Tammy and Sidney. While they very well should have been a point of focus in this investigation, there should have been other avenues investigated as well. Heather Elvis lived a high-risk lifestyle, and was clearly not the "favorite" in her family. It was always rumored that she had been kicked out of her family's home more than once, and this was later confirmed during Sidney Moorer's trial.

I'm not insulting Heather's memory. I am simply stating known facts about this missing young woman, that should have been applied to the search for her from the beginning. However, Terry Elvis (her father) has done everything in his power to manipulate not only the investigation behind her disappearance, but the search for her  -- both physically and via social media. During the early days of her disappearance, this man downright refused to even acknowledge her tattoos, refusing to put them on any flyers, refusing to give descriptions of them. This was a narcissistic approach to looking for his daughter, who very well could have been kidnapped and murdered for all anybody knows. Tattoos are identifying marks that are absolutely necessary in searches for missing people, as well as identifying Jane and John Does. In fact, one of the very first flyers that focused on identifying her tattoos was designed personally by me. This only attracted personal attacks from Terry Elvis, who has behaved during this case more like a suspect than the two people who are being accused by Horry County prosecutors.

So do I think Tammy and Sidney are guilty of Heather's disappearance? While it's totally possible, I just don't see the evidence against them as being anything concrete. I believe Hoory County detectives have put all their eggs in to one basket without fully looking into this case, and I believe that the locals have played too easily in to the hands of Terry Elvis and the authorities who are behave as though they are being led by him. If Tammy and Sidney did kidnap or kill Heather, then there has to be solid forensic evidence against them. If they didn't, then someone out there is laughing his or her ass off at this ridiculous display of injustice.

Meanwhile, Heather Elvis is still missing, and it's safe to assume that she is dead. Until her remains are found (or by some extreme miracle she is found alive) nobody will really know for certain what happened to her. For all we know, Heather could have fallen in to a deep depression over Sidney rebuffing her attempts at being with him. She could have wandered away and killed herself the night she went missing. For all we know, she could have been at the boat landing minding her own business, and someone completely unknown by anyone in this case preyed on her opportunistically. Anything is possible, but there is tunnel vision locked on to Sidney and Tammy Moorer -- and again, I am just not convinced by circumstantial evidence. Show me DNA. Show me blood evidence. Show me a murder weapon. Show me something that proves without a shadow of doubt that Sidney and Tammy played an active role in Heather's disappearance and/or death.

Until that evidence is produced by the Moorer's accusers, I am just not going to be convinced. 

Jun 22, 2016

On October 30, 1995 -- Halloween Eve -- the body of  34-year-old Tina Huston was found violently murdered in her home. Her body was discovered by officers who were sent to her mobile home in Sparks, Nevada on a so-called "welfare check." However, it's never been clarified as to why they were sent on that welfare check in the first place. The details surrounding this 20-year-old cold case are still closely guarded by detectives, but what little that has been released indicates that this woman suffered a horrifyingly painful and brutal death. Who killed this woman, and why? Authorities in Northern Nevada have their work cut out for them with this case, but they remain dedicated to tracking down her killer, even after two decades.

What concerns me, first and foremost, is the date of her murder. Sometimes called "Halloween eve," the night before Halloween -- especially in the United States -- is of significant importance. This is the traditional night of "trickery" and mischief that leads up to the candy-filled festivities that Halloween night brings. In fact, the night before Halloween is often called "Mischief Night," and sometimes even "Devil's Night." This isn't to be confused with the British holiday "Mischief Night," which lands the night before Guy Fawkes Night. For the most part, "Mischief Night," is known for pranks and vandalism. However, there have been plenty of violent incidents in the United States which may or may not be connected to the unofficial holiday. Could this mean that Tina Huston was the victim of someone's twisted idea of some "Mischief Night" festivities? 

To be honest, the odds of Tina Huston's death being specifically related to Halloween are probably pretty slim. At the least, it's a creepy coincidence, and another scary element to a cold case that is already terrifying. Whether or not the holiday was part of the motive in association with her death, the fact remains that this woman was slain during the Halloween season in a horrifically violent crime that remains unsolved.

Detectives still won't release exactly how she died, or the manner in which her body was found in her Sparks home. However, they have referred to her death as both "brutal," and "very, very vicious." Her official cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma, but no other details exist for the public domain. They have also pointed out that this slain woman didn't live a high-risk lifestyle. She was known to be a hard-working mother, who was devoted to her children and the church she attended. She was a highly religious woman who lived a quiet life.

Authorities investigating this cold case have also stated their belief that this was not a random murder. They believe that the person(s) responsible for Tina Huston's death was someone she knew personally. 
Gary Ridgway, aka "The Green River Killer," is one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history, but many of his victims still haven't been found. He was convicted of slaying 48 women, but he has notoriously claimed that the actual body count is close to double that number. Gary was active between the years 1982 and 2001 -- meaning he had an outrageous amount of time to pick off women at his leisure. With that said, is it possible that some of the unsolved Jane Doe cases that remain open (nationwide) could be victims of this notorious madman? One Jane Doe in particular was found in Spokane, Washington in 1984 -- a region that is more than familiar to the convicted murderer.

On June 20, 1984, the nude and dismembered body of an unidentified woman was found along the edge of the Spokane River. Her hands and feet have never been recovered, but in 1998 her skull was found in a vacant lot in Spokane. It's more than clear that this woman was the victim of a horrifying act, and her killer has evaded detection. That's absolutely because she's never been identified. Artist renderings of this Jane Doe are absolutely horrendous, and probably another factor in why this woman hasn't been identified (no offense, of course, because detectives have worked hard on this case for many years). Without a positive identification, it's difficult to find suspects, which ordinarily include acquaintances. That's unless, of course, the unidentified person is the victim of a twisted serial killer.

I cannot help but feel like Gary Ridgway may be able to offer insight on who this woman may be, or where she came from. The notorious Green River Killer has ties to Spokane, among many other areas. He was also known to dismember his victims, who were prostitutes. It's possible that this unidentified victim was a prostitute, which would explain another hurdle in trying to identify her. Prostitutes tend to live lifestyles that render them out of touch with loved ones. Also, in a lot of cases, incidents involving prostitutes are ignored by media and law enforcement. This makes them absolutely ideal targets for sex-crazed serial killers who like to operate somewhat under the radar. Of course, Gary Ridgway wasn't entirely under the radar, because he was investigated for several years before he was finally arrested on suspicion of serial murder.

What is known about this Jane Doe is that she had given birth to a child at least once, so there could absolutely be a grown adult out there wondering where their birth mother is, not even realizing that she's listed as a Jane Doe in Spokane, Washington. This adult child could be with extended family members of the unidentified woman, or he or she could have been placed up for adoption as a baby. There are so many scenarios, but until authorities are able to identify this Jane Doe, nothing is certain.

Two women vanished from Mineral County, Nevada in 2005, and the circumstances surrounding their disappearances are quite similar. Could these two separate disappearances actually be related? Has someone gotten away with at least two violent crimes against older women in the areas of Luning and Hawthorne? It's absolutely possible, considering the similarities of the disappearances of both Molly Meyer and Nita Mayo.

On May 26, 2005, a 55-year-old woman named Molly Meyer seemed to vanish without a trace. The woman had been riding her bicycle from the state of Oklahoma, and had plans to ride it all the way to California. However, the NamUs report associated with this disappearance says that the missing woman's bike was stolen in New Mexico. Somehow, Molly Meyer ended up in Mineral County, Nevada -- the town of Luning. Contradictory missing person reports online indicate that she may have been spotted in Northern California. She was on foot when she was last seen in Luning, and had in her possession a dog, a purse and a suitcase. It has been over a decade and she still hasn't been found.

That very same year -- August 08, 2005 -- a 64-year-old woman named Nita Mayo was last seen in Hawthorne, Nevada. She was at a residence in the Mineral County town, but had plans to take a day trip to the Sonora, California region. She was never seen again. However, her car was later found abandoned near Sonora. There is a lot of information in this case -- more than the disappearance of Molly Meyer. In fact, a person of interest is being sought in her disappearance, though authorities have clarified that the person (a woman) isn't being treated as a suspect at this time.

Authorities are looking for 39-year-old Jewel Jeanne Rice -- a Colorado Springs woman who was in the area around the time that Nita Mayo's car ended up near Sonora. They have been seeking this woman since September 2005, and still haven't been able to locate her. If this woman knows anything about Nita Mayo's disappearance, is it possible that she knows something about Molly Meyer's as well? 

Jun 21, 2016

Authorities in Dayton, Nevada have a cold case mystery on their hands that's gone approximately eight years without being solved. On November 28, 2008, 74-year-old Beverly Brehm disappeared from her home -- along with her 69-year-old brother Gordon Brehm. The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of these two family members are mostly unknown, but a suicide within the household, years later, seems more than a little strange. What happened to these two Northern Nevada residents, and why haven't detectives been able to bring closure to their loved ones for the better part of a decade?

People who knew Beverly Brehm say that she was acting more and more "reclusive" after she had quit her job (place of employment not published in reports). The NamUs report on this case says that her former husband was living in the home with both her and her 69-year-old brother Gordon around the time of her disappearance. For the most part, it seems that this was the extent of her family, at least according to what the available information about her indicates. She was reportedly estranged from her children and kept to herself -- a personality trait that has probably made it all the more difficult to solve her disappearance.

Gordon Brehm moved in with Beverly and her ex-husband in 2006, but little else is known about him. There are also no photos of him published online, or any reports that may highlight any circumstances around his disappearance. No police reports are published online as well, so it's not known if any thorough investigation had been done surrounding the disappearance of this man and his older sister.

The ex-husband of Beverly Brehm committed suicide in January 2013. While the NamUs report does not name the man, a Find a Grave page appears to identify him as James Albert MacTavish. There are no readily available news reports covering this suicide, nor have authorities in Dayton or Yerington (the department investigating the Brehms' disappearances) made any public comments about what they believe may have happened.

It's easy to feel suspicion toward the ex-husband of the missing elderly woman. However, there is no indication that he killed himself out of guilt. No evidence has ever been discussed in this case in the public domain, so for all that is known, the man could have committed suicide for any number of reasons. Guilt could very well be a reason behind the suicide, but so could grief from loss, among many other reasons.

Is foul play suspected in this double disappearance? Police have never indicated any such line of thought, but at the same time they have played this case so close to their chests that it wouldn't be hard to believe that hardly anybody has even heard of these two missing people. That's a shame, because with mass awareness comes a stronger push to find the missing -- and that's important.

What do you think happened to the Dayton, Nevada woman and her brother? Could the suicide of her ex-husband be any indication of what might have taken place on November 28, 2008?
Detectives in Carson City need help identifying a woman who was found in a shallow grave on March 17, 2015. She was discovered by someone who was walking in the area north of Lone Mountain Cemetery. The NamUs report says that he discovered her by noticing a tennis shoe sticking from a mound of earth. The woman's remains were skeletal, but tissue was still attached, which indicates that she may not have been dead for super long time. In fact, authorities believe she could have been dead for approximately a year. Detectives believe she may have died sometime in 2014.

She is described as a white female between the ages of 42 and 71. Several images exist of her remains, but they don't seem to be very useful in identifying her. Artist renderings of the woman may help, but so far nobody has come forward to identify her or share any information that might lead to a positive match.

Authorities have also not confirmed whether or not this woman was an actual homicide victim, nor have they released a cause of death -- if they even know it. However, the fact that she was buried in a shallow grave north of the cemetery is a pretty stark indication that this woman was a victim of a crime. At the very least her body was dumped, which is a crime in and of itself. The short and sweet fact of the matter: Someone knows who this woman is and how she ended up put in a shallow hole in the ground. That person needs to be brought to justice, whether it's for murder or illegally concealing human remains.
So far, a small number of missing women have been ruled out as not being this unidentified woman. However, there are thousands of women missing in the United States, many of which disappeared between 2012 and the beginning of 2015. This decedent could have been a missing woman from anywhere in the country, only to end up in Carson City in a shallow grave. On the other hand, this could be someone local to the area -- a Northern Nevada resident -- who has not been reported missing by her loved ones. Anything is possible in this case because authorities appear to have absolutely no clue who this woman is and how she ended up where she was found a little over a year ago.

If you think you might recognize someone (who is missing) that resembles the artist rendering, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Carson City, Nevada. Any suggestions of who this woman might be is helpful. The more people are ruled out, the closer authorities will get to actually identifying her and hopefully bringing her the justice she deserves.

Not that it's a surprise or anything, but Michael Jackson actually was a sexual deviant with disgusting perversions. Documents associated with past investigations into allegations against the so-called "King of Pop," have revealed a slew of horrifying details. In fact, the things revealed by court docs and police reports have me wondering why this man kept slipping through the cracks of justice.

According to documents, authorities discovered a stockpile of deviant pornographic images and videos, which depicted outrageously violent acts against both women, children and animals. An investigator on the case wrote (on the reports) that the evidence found in Jackson's home revealed his true character.

"The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will."

Among Michael Jackson's collection, there were images of animal torture, women in sadomasochistic situations, and children being sexually tortured. If all of this is true -- and it appears to be -- then why in the actual hell did Michael Jackson get away with it? He had been accused multiple times since the 1990s of inappropriate sexual behavior against children. If these items were found in his possession during those investigations, then he should have -- at the  very, very least -- been charged and convicted of possessing child pornography. That's especially since investigators believe that he used these materials to groom children with the intent to sexually abuse them. In other words, Michael Jackson was indeed a sexual predator, and he got away with it. He got away with it even though authorities claim to have the evidence that absolutely proved that he was a pedophile and sexual deviant.

Of course, there will probably be people out there calling bullshit on this story, and they will undoubtedly believe that detectives have intentionally waited until Michael died before releasing information that will absolutely demolish what reputation he has left. Do you think that this evidence is all fabricated because detectives and prosecutors are still sore about Michael being acquitted?

Personally, I believe detectives found this evidence against Jackson during their investigations against him. However, I am absolutely sickened that he was never even so much as charged with possession of completely illegal pornography. I am inclined to believe that power, money and influence had a lot to do with Michael Jackson getting away with the crimes of which he was accused. I believe that even more now that these documents have been revealed.

Jun 20, 2016

An Elko, Nevada man has been taken to a Boise hospital for treatment, after he suffered numerous stab wounds to his body. Elko Daily reports that the unnamed man told authorities that a group of men had stabbed him at the Jerritt Canyon mine (north of Elko).

Deputies responded to Jerritt Canyon mine, where the man was reportedly "wandering around the area," and had been for a couple of days. Undersheriff Kevin McKinney told the newspaper that the man was transported to a hospital for treatment, and had lost a lot of blood initially. However, they could not confirm claims made by the man -- that he had been stabbed numerous times by a group of males at the mine.

"Further investigation showed that he was an employee at Jerritt Canyon mine, and that those injuries were probably self-inflicted," said McKinney.

The acting Undersheriff added that the wounds were all superficial in nature, which is consistent with most self-inflicted stab wounds.

There aren't many details to this story, and the Elko man hasn't been identified in any reports. Hopefully more information comes out about this, because the whole story just seems shady as hell. Was this man stabbed multiple times by a group of men like he had claimed, or are police right in announcing that his wounds were self-inflicted? 

Jun 19, 2016

Is a serial killer prowling along I-80? Could there be more than one? Geographically speaking, and by the numbers alone, it's absolutely possible that this massive stretch of highway has seen its fair share of predators. From coast to coast, Interstate 80 runs from San Francisco to New York, cutting through several rural areas through Northern Nevada, throughout the Midwest and the historic open country of the eastern United States.

Interstate 80 is an historic highway that took a few decades to construct -- from the years 1956 to 1986. In all, it spans across a staggering 2,902 miles across the United States, and serves as a direct access point to several small towns as well as large cities. This makes I-80 an ideal route for many individual travelers, and also a mandatory route for numerous truckers and courier types. This is a heavily trafficked highway with a history that's lasted for approximately 60 years. Is it possible that one or more serial killers have stalked I-80 over the past 60 years? It's highly, highly probable.

 In particular, it seems that a suspiciously high number of unsolved disappearances and homicide cases happen to surround Utah, Northern Nevada and parts of Northern California, especially over the course of the past 25 to 30 years (approximately half the history of Interstate 80's existence). While there have been bodies and missing cases along the entire stretch of I-80, it seems that an unusual concentration of those cases happen to be in Nevada, Utah and California. Could this be indicative of a serial killer stalking victims between the three states? I believe so.
Strangely, the rural town of Winnemucca, NV is linked to at least two disappearances associated with Interstate 80. On Valentine's day, 2006, 62-year-old Judy Casida went missing from Reno, Nevada. Almost a month after her disappearance, her 1991 Mazda pickup truck was located near the town of Winnemucca, off I-80. Her loved ones believed that she may have been depressed when she disappeared. However, by the year 2011, suspicions of a serial killer became apparent.

In 2011, 86-year-old Patrick Carnes (pictured above-right with his dog, also missing) vanished while driving back from Ohio to his home in Reno. He never made it to his destination, and he has never been located. However, not long after he disappeared, his car was found abandoned on I-80 near Pumpernickel Valley. This is the same spot where the car belonging to Judy Casida was found.

The two aforementioned cases are recent -- in the past decade. However, they share some strange similarities with at least one other case out of Pershing and Humboldt counties. For example, 73-year-old Nan Dixon (pictured right) vanished on September 22, 1978. She was reportedly traveling from Grass Valley to Lovelock, Nevada. She never showed up at her destination and has never been located. However, a handful of years after she vanished, her vehicle was found abandoned near the Seven Troughs turnoff. The car had been deliberately driven off a ravine in an attempt to hide it. Nan Dixon, or any evidence of her, was not found at the scene.

In the year 1992, a man named Johnson White went missing from the Winnemucca area, but very little information is available in his case. I intend on figuring out whether or not Interstate 80 has made any connection with this disappearance. I do know that he was last seen with a neighbor, and may have been driving a Sedan at the time of his disappearance. Wording in the NamUs report is vague, but it's been indicated that his vehicle was found abandoned with items belonging to one of his neighbors in it. The location of this abandoned car has never been publicized. Could it be anywhere near I-80, or even near Pumpernickel Valley?

There have also been several John and Jane Does discovered in Northern Nevada, which have never been identified. While it wouldn't be realistic to think that every one of them are victims of the presumed I-80 killer, it's worth pointing out that this isn't a necessarily high crime area. There is also a handful of unsolved homicides in the area, some of which directly tied to Interstate 80.

In 1978, the body of an unidentified woman between the ages of 40 and 50 was found near Imlay. The body was found in a duffel bag, which was placed in a shallow grave approximately 40 feet from Scossa Road (which is accessible via I-80). The woman had about $200 in cash on her, which immediately told authorities that she wasn't killed in a robbery. Her identity and the person(s) responsible for her death have never been figured out. Her cause of death is unknown, but the disposal of her body definitely indicates homicide.

In 1974, the body of an unidentified woman was found just north of I-80 in Wells, on Old Hwy 93. The woman had been strangled to death, and set on fire with diesel fuel. She's never been identified.

In 1972, the unidentified body of a woman was found off I-80 in the Starr Valley area. The woman appeared to be between 20 and 25-years-old and had been shot to death.

Also in 1972, an unidentified woman was found murdered near Interstate-80 on Devil's Gate Rd., north of Elko. Cause of death unknown.

In 1984, the body of a male estimated to be between 35 and 45-years-old was found near Clark, Nevada off I-80. Undetermined cause of death, but his bones were charred, indicating he was dead prior to a fire that had been started. This could indicate homicide or at least attempted concealment of a death. No identification. 

In 1985, the body of an unidentified male was found near Interstate 80 north of Northern Nevada Medical Center. No cause of death, but the man was estimated to be around 50-years-old.

On June 11, 1990, the body of an unidentified woman was located near Interstate-80 just south of the town of Wendover, Nevada. The woman appeared to be from 45 to 65-years-old and was fully clothed when she was found. A cause of death hasn't been released. The body is presume to be dumped at the location, however.

In February of 1990, the body of an unidentified Jane Doe was found near I-80 near Hilltop Road in Lander County. She may have been upwards of 38-years-old, and had been dismembered. Several body parts, including the bones of her torso, were never found.

Also in 1990, the unidentified body of a woman was located near mile post #9 near Wadsworth, Nevada. This is directly accessible to I-80, and her skeletal remains were scattered about the area. She has also never been identified, and a cause of death isn't known. However, authorities do confirm that she was a victim of homicide.

In 1990 the body of an unidentified male was found in rural Lander County near Crescent Valley. Victim of homicide.

In 1990, the mummified body of an elderly woman was found lying in sagebrush near Interstate 80 in Wendover. Undetermined cause of death.

In 1991, not far from the discovery of 1990's Wadsworth Jane Doe, the skeletal remains of a man aged 23 to 29-years-old was found scattered close to Interstate 80. His cause of death remains undetermined, but a firearm was found in the area.

In 1991, an unidentified male of approximately 50-years-old was found near Sun Valley. His body was decomposing under a mattress and a sheet of metal in what appeared to be an attempt to hide hide him. His cause of death remains undetermined.

In 1993, the body of an unidentified female was found near Interstate 80 in the Shafter area (Elko County). The woman was presumed to had been dumped just a few days before she was discovered, and had died by multiple gunshot wounds to the body. She had also been badly beaten. She looked to be between 25 and 30-years-old. Her identity has never been figured out, nor has the identity of the person responsible for her death.

In 1996, the body of an unidentified male was found near Interstate 80 at the Jessup Exit in Churchill County. He is the victim of homicide, between the ages of 27 and 35-years-old. No identity has ever been confirmed.

In 1998, a skull belonging to a male estimated 40-years-old was found near Airport Road in Winnemucca, NV. Cause of death: Undetermined.

In 2001, a woman named Norma Jean Parker was found deceased just north of the Winnemucca Dry Lake. Her cause of death has never been determined, but she is believed to had met some kind of foul play. She was known to associate with truck drivers, and was in her late 50s.

Also in 2001, a woman named Barbara Louise Nichols was shot to death after she was abducted by someone who had attempted to rob a gas station in Carlin -- where she worked. Her body was found near Interstate 80. Her murder remains unsolved. **Correction** According to people who say they are family members of this victim, Barbara Louise Nichols was actually killed in 1988. I do not know why it's been listed as 2001 on various cold case docs.

In May 2008, the body of a woman aged 35 to 50-years-old was found near the Churchill County Gravel Pit, accessible via Interstate 80. She was in a shallow grave, fully clothed. No cause of death has ever been published.
Most recently, the body of a missing Utah man was found by railroad tracks in what used to be called Tobar -- an old railroad outpost that is near Wells. To get to Tobar, you must veer off Interstate 80, onto Old Highway 93. Tobar is literally a ghost town, out in the middle of nowhere. The skeletal remains of a young man named Robin Putnam were found there in July 2012. His cause of death is not known, and it's certainly not known how he may have gotten where his remains were found.

Is a serial killer responsible for any of these incidents? It's absolutely likely. However, authorities have never really made an absolute connection between any of these cases. Perhaps it's time for a dedicated cold case squad to take a closer look at these unsolved homicides and unidentified persons. While some (or many) of these cases could be nothing more than isolated incidents of homicide or undetermined deaths and disappearances, it's important to pay attention to subtle similarities. It seems that Northern Nevada has seen its fair share of unsolved homicides, and many of them don't seem like they'll ever be solved. 

Jun 18, 2016

On January 23, 2008, the Henderson Police Department received an anonymous letter notifying them of female human remains in the desert near US 93 and Boulder Highway. The letter also contained an assortment of maps, which aided in guiding authorities directly to the location of a partial skull, which was determined to belong to an unidentified Caucasian female. Over the course of the past eight years, authorities have been unable to determine the identity of this Clark County Jane Doe.

The fact that an anonymous letter was sent to authorities is an incredibly troubling detail. This indicates a sort of brazen action, and denotes a dangerous personality -- a person who not only has no problem killing someone, but who has no qualms about pointing out his crimes. The existence of this anonymous letter, and maps, reeks of a "catch me if you can" mentality. In other words, I believe the person responsible for this Jane Doe's death is playing a game of cat-and-mouse with the authorities in Henderson. He (or she) not only derived enjoyment from committing a murder, but they're getting another layer of pleasure out of pointing out his or her crime with the emboldened sense of knowing that they will not be caught -- or will they? In my honest opinion, this behavior has serial killer stamped all over it. And if this isn't a serial killer, he or she very seriously has the potential of becoming one -- especially since they have gone over eight years without being discovered since the death and disposal of this Jane Doe.

On the other hand, the letter could have been sent out of guilt and cowardice. This person may or may not even be responsible for the death of this unidentified woman, but may have first-hand information behind what happened to her. There is a small possibility that this man or woman wanted someone to find the body in hopes of either putting an end to an unresolved situation, or to simply get the guilt of knowing about the death off his or her shoulders.

I'm more inclined to believe the first scenario, over the latter.

Authorities in Henderson have been able to recover just a few more remains associated with this unidentified woman's case. However, her entire body has not been located. Police have also reported that they found some articles of clothing that belonged to the Jane Doe, but photos and descriptions of the clothing have never been produced. They believe that she was a white female between the ages of 25 and 45-years-old. The rest of her features were completely unrecognizable due to there being nothing but partial skeletal remains when she was discovered. This has made it incredibly difficult to identify her. Police in Henderson believe that she had only been dead for a few months by the time she was discovered.

There have been several attempts at identifying this Clark County Jane Doe -- all of which unsuccessful. Among the unsolved cases of missing women in the country, several have already been officially ruled out as being this unidentified woman. Those women include Tina Wilson, April Beth Pitzer, Laurie Steiner, Joey Offutt, Michelle Benjamin, Angela Finger, Jessica Foster, Tammy Lopez and Lindsey Harris. Police have not identified any of the possible matches that have been submitted to them, which have not yet been ruled out.

Texas teen Karen Perez suffered a horrifying death at the hands of someone she was supposed to trust. Police in Houston say that the girl's 15-year-old boyfriend is the culprit behind her untimely demise. The details surrounding this case are absolutely shocking, and the evidence against the teen's boyfriend is equally as disturbing as the circumstances that ended in the death of a 15-year-old high school freshman.

In May of this year, Karen Perez was reported missing by her parents when she didn't return home after leaving school on foot. It was known that she was supposed to meet up with her boyfriend that afternoon, and surveillance footage in the area showed her entering a Mexican food restaurant with at least one other teenager. Her parents knew to tell authorities to check with her 15-year-old boyfriend, which is exactly what they had intended.

Meanwhile, the father of Karen's boyfriend took his son out to search for the missing teen. It was during the drive around the city, in the area where she was last seen, that the unnamed teenage boy told his father to take him back home. He admitted to the man that Karen was "not alive anymore." It was thanks to the boy's father that the body of Karen Perez was found, because he immediately called the police and turned his son in on the suspicion that he murdered the 15-year-old girl.

Police say that suspicion was absolutely right. The 15-year-old unnamed boyfriend of the missing girl led authorities to the exact spot where her body had been hidden. Her body had been stuffed into a cabinet beneath a kitchen sink in an abandoned apartment, which was located next to the high school where she was a student. News of the discovery of her body went viral, due to the manner in which it was found. However, the truly shocking details behind how she got there have rocked people across the nation, and have destroyed at least two families.

Police say that the 15-year-old boyfriend of Karen Perez bullied her into meeting him for sex after school the afternoon she went missing. Text messages between the two indicated that her life was under direct threat if she had refused to meet the other teenager like he demanded. Giving in to his demands was a fatal mistake for Karen Perez, because when she did meet up with the unnamed boy, the two ended up in the abandoned apartment where he forced her to have sex with him. Shocking evidence of the crime includes a cellphone video, which authorities say clearly documents the rape and murder of 15-year-old Karen Perez. The video is reportedly blurry, but the 15-year-old girl can be heard pleading for her life, telling her boyfriend that she didn't "want to die," while he was reportedly strangling her. She could also be heard begging him to not have sex with her, but she was raped before the boy allegedly took her life in a violent manner.

When Karen Perez was dead, and when her killer was done having sex with her, he reportedly hid her body by stuffing it in the kitchen cabinet beneath the sink. The teenage boy then went home in an attempt to go about his normal daily life. His facade of normalcy quickly crumbled when his father pushed him into searching for his missing girlfriend.

Karen Perez was robbed of her sexual rights and, ultimately, her life, in a truly humiliating and terrifying fashion. Her final moments were recorded for reasons unknown, but those final moments were filled with fear, suffering and emotions which are unfathomable to someone who has not experienced the same. Sadly, due to the age of the boy who has admitted to his actions, there will be no death penalty. Even if the death penalty was on the table, there doesn't seem to be a punishment fitting enough for this 15-year-old monster.

Jun 17, 2016

Police in Holiday, Florida are looking for 16-year-old Kayla Renee Callahan, who has been missing since Thursday night. There are not many details in this developing case, but it must be stressed that this teenager's loved ones are very concerned for her since she has not been seen or heard from by friends or family since the night she disappeared.

Kayla Callahan reportedly left her family's home on Thursday evening. She was on foot, and walking in the area. However, it seems that the teen vanished in thin air beyond this point. Kayla Callahan is 5'3" and approximately 110 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans.

While this disappearance could be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill runaway teen case, it's important to note that dangers exist even when a disappearance is voluntary. At this time it's not known if she is a runaway or if someone may have preyed on her while she was walking around her home on Thursday night.

If you know anything about this missing teen's case or if you think you've seen her since Thursday night, please do not hesitate to contact authorities in Pasco County, Florida.

Authorities in Apache Junction, Arizona are looking for 44-year-old Renae Dee Gardner, who was reported missing on June 6. However, she had been missing since May 23. The circumstances surrounding this woman's case are indicative of a suspicious disappearance, to which police in Pinal County have acknowledged openly. Is this woman missing because she's the victim of foul play? Or could she be voluntarily missing after police discovered the body of her boyfriend? There are a lot of questions that need answers in this developing case.

Apache Junction police say that Renae Dee Gardner may have been the girlfriend of 51-year-old Keith Long, who was found murdered in San Tan Valley the day after she was reported missing. They have not confirmed whether or not they believe the missing woman is alive or if she was also a possible of foul play like her slain boyfriend. They have also not commented on how long Keith Long had been dead when his body was found near a canal in San Tan Valley. What is known for a fact at this time is that Keith Long's murder is unsolved with no confirmed suspects or persons of interest in his case.

Reports have not indicated whether or not it's in Renae Gardner's character to go missing for any period of time, but it appears that police are treating this case with urgency -- and most likely due to her apparent connection to homicide victim Keith Long.

Missing Apache Junction woman Renae Dee Gardner is described as a white female. She stands at approximately 5'6" tall, and about 150 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. She reportedly has a tattoo of a skull and roses on her upper-right shoulder area. She also has other assorted tattoos on her body that have not been identified in media reports. If you see this woman, or if you think you know anything about her disappearance and/or the murder of 51-year-old Keith Long, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office or the Apache Junction Police Department.
Police in San Antonio have arrested a man after he admitted to slaying his pregnant girlfriend. Click2Houston reports that 29-year-old Charles Wayne Haltom called 911 to tell authorities that he had stabbed his unnamed girlfriend to death during an altercation.

When police arrived to the residence, they found the Texas man waiting for them with the body of his slain girlfriend not far from him. Two children were also at the residence, but had not been harmed. Neighbors of the couple say that they had been fighting a lot, which had intensified during the day leading up to the woman's stabbing death.

Charles Wayne Haltom hasn't provided a motive behind why he stabbed the pregnant woman to death.
A New Jersey teen has been arrested in association with the violent death of her newborn baby girl. ABC News 6 reports that 19-year-old Jade Fanz choked the newborn with her bare hands when she was just a couple of minutes old. This story illustrates a horrifying truth, that some young women are capable of committing horrifyingly unthinkable acts against children. However, one of the most sickening details in this case isn't the fact that she murdered her own baby, but that this 19-year-old woman smiled in her mugshot after she was arrested for the grim crime she is accused of committing.

Police in Franklin Township, New Jersey became aware of what had happened after the body of a newborn baby girl was found on the property where Jade Fanz resides with her parents. The February 17 discovery also came after the young woman had sought medical attention at a nearby hospital. Authorities in Franklin Township are not commenting on how the newborn baby was concealed on the property, or where. They also won't comment on the circumstances of how they became aware that a newborn baby had been killed and hidden on someone's property. If I had a guess, I'd say hospital staff may have alerted the police after 19-year-old Jade sought medical attention for reported hemorrhaging.

No motive has been released surrounding why Jade Fanz strangled her newborn daughter to death. No reports are indicating on whether or not anyone even knew this 19-year-old New Jersey girl was pregnant in the first place. It should be noted that in several cases of teen mothers killing their newborns, their pregnancies had also been concealed from their loved ones. There are numerous so-called "reasons" for why these events take place, but the bottom line is that the young women who do this ultimately ruin their lives when they are inevitably figured out and arrested.

New Jersey is a "Safe Haven" state, meaning any unwanted children can be dropped off at hospitals and police stations with no questions asked -- as long as there are no signs of abuse or other criminal activities. There is absolutely no excuse for what this young woman is accused of doing, which is why she has been charged with murder, as well as charges associated with unlawfully concealing a death. She is currently in jail on bond in the amount of $250k. Something tells me her next mugshot won't come with a smirk.
A Pennsylvania woman is accused of killing her 96-year-old neighbor, after he died from injuries he received in a brutal assault. ABC News 6 reports that 34-year-old Elisabeth Floyd violently assaulted the elderly man approximately five months ago, inflicting numerous serious injuries in the process. When he was discovered battered in his own driveway, he had a broken hip and other injuries that required long-term medical care. Now he's dead after a five month battle, and the Pennsylvania woman is in a lot of trouble.

Originally, Elisabeth Floyd faced charges associated with violently assaulting the 96-year-old elderly man. However, authorities have upgraded her charges to third-degree murder. In the state of Pennsylvania, a third-degree murder charge carries a sentence of 20 to 40 years of imprisonment.

Authorities in Pennsylvania have not released a motive in this case, but what motive could there possibly be for a 34-year-old woman to brutally beat a 96-year-old man to death? Elisabeth Floyd is currently being held without bond.
In May 1991, some hikers in the Black Rock Desert stumbled upon a grave site, which contained the murdered body of an unidentified woman. The woman's body was found just about 11 miles north of the town of Gerlach, in rural Pershing County. Over the course of the past 25 years, authorities in Nevada have never been able to figure out who this woman is.

This Jane Doe was found with unique jewelry: A bracelet with the name 'Valerie' engraved in it, and a bracelet depicting a serpent or dragon with abalone shell inlaid in it. She was wearing a pair of KIKKU brand jeans, a Stage brand black blouse and a dark camisole top underneath it. Photos of the clothing she was found in haven't been released, nor have photos of her body -- unlike some other Doe cases. Authorities have stressed that her clothing was made overseas -- the top made in Turkey, and her jeans made in England.

Valerie Doe (named by the bracelet found on her body) was evidently shot to death and put in a shallow grave in the Northern Nevada desert. Her DNA has been compared to numerous missing women, but no connections have yet been made. Authorities in Pershing County need help in identifying this woman.

Jun 16, 2016

With at least 50 serial killers active in the United States at any given time, it's not hard to believe that more than one has operated in Northern Nevada over the course of history -- both distant and recent. However, a handful of cases from the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s have attracted my attention, and all of them are focused around one particular area north of Reno: Lemmon Valley. There are at least four unsolved homicides out of this area, and more than one unsolved disappearance. Furthermore, this small region near the California state line has already been home to one famous serial killer in the past. Nonetheless, authorities have never drawn any public connections to these unsolved cases and the possibility that a serial predator has lived, or is living, within the community.

On July 26, 1971, the body of 15-year-old Gloria Crummett was found just north of Lemmon Valley. She had been reported missing just 10 days prior. To make the tragic discovery even worse for this teen's family, her body was discovered on what would have been her 16th birthday. The details surrounding this teen's disappearance and death have never been fully clarified in news reports, or even in documents shared by investigative bodies. However, the slain teen's loved ones say that she died by blunt force trauma to the back of the head. Crummett had run away from home shortly before she was reported missing, after having a fight with her mother. She was a "troubled" teenager, who spent her time hanging around a rowdy crowd -- primarily bikers. She was known to associate with two gangs: The Hells Angels and The Misfits. When her body was discovered near Lemmon Valley, motorcycle tire tracks were present. Several persons of interest have been questioned, and even polygraphed, in association with Gloria's murder, but no arrests have ever been made. Her loved ones have long-suspected that the crowd she ran with has kept the truth of her death a secret for all of these many years...[Gloria Crummett is pictured below, in a photo taken not long before her disappearance and murder.]

The body of 20-year-old Julia Woodward was found on March 25, 1979 in a hilly area near Lemmon Valley. The attractive young woman died by blunt force trauma to the back of her head, but very few other details have ever been publicized in her case. What is known, is that Julia was living in California at the time of her death, but had traveled to the Reno area in order to look for employment. Unfortunately, what she found wasn't a source of income, but rather the end of her young life. In the year 2015, detectives reopened this cold case due to the advancements made in forensic science. However, it's been over a year since the case reopened and no other movements have been made in this case. [Julia Woodward is pictured below]

On November 02, 1979, the skeletal remains of 17-year-old Jeannie Smith were located in Lemmon Valley, Nevada. The girl had been missing for a little over a year by the time her remains were found, and like the prior two girls found slain in the area, she died by blunt force trauma. She was also put in to a shallow grave, approximately one mile from the location where Julia Woodward's remains were located just a few months prior. Very few details are available in this case, and it's not currently known if authorities in Reno have continued actively investigating it. [Jeannie Smith is pictured below in the only known photograph of her, taken before her mysterious homicide]

The body of 16-year-old Cindy Cook was located on January 25, 1981 -- just a day after she went missing. She was found near Cold Springs Drive and what is currently known as Village Parkway. However, she resided in Lemmon Valley, which is where she was last seen before she disappeared. Cindy left her home on foot, and was reportedly hitchhiking to the Lemmon Valley Shopping Center on the day she was last seen. A cause of death has never been released in her homicide, but her case remains listed as an unsolved murder. [Cindy Cook is pictured below]

These four women all share multiple things in common: 

  • All were murdered by blunt force trauma to the back of the head (with the exception of Cindy Cook, whose cause of death isn't being released by authorities)
  • All were attractive teenagers, with the exception of Julia Woodward, who looked young enough to be mistaken for a teen.
  • All wore their hair parted in the middle, and had slender noses and big smiles.
  • All were discovered near Lemmon Valley, and one of them actually lived in the area when she was murdered.
  • All four victims had either been hitchhiking, walking or otherwise on foot at the times of their disappearances and deaths.
The region surrounding Lemmon Valley, Nevada (couple-hundred-mile radius) has seen a lot of serial killer activity over the course of the past 50 years. In fact, convicted killer Joseph Naso had once resided in Lemmon Valley. Joseph Naso is known as the Alphabet Killer, because he chose victims whose first and last initials were the same. This incredibly particular MO makes it easy to disregard any possible connections between Naso and the four murdered Lemmon Valley girls. It's also easy to disregard a possible connection, because Joseph Naso didn't move to Northern Nevada until 1994 -- 23 years after the first unsolved Lemmon Valley murder. Of course, it is a rather startling coincidence that he lived in the same area where these girls were found, especially since one of the victims had a first and last name with the same initials: Cindy Cook. It should be noted that, for the most part, Naso's preferred method of murder was strangulation. However, he is known to have killed at least a couple of his victims by means of blunt force trauma. With the exception of the dates not lining up, it's hard to ignore the possibility that Joseph Naso may have something to do with the deaths of at least one of these women. Nonetheless, authorities in Nevada have never drawn any connections -- and they'd be stupid to not at least investigate the possibilities.

I intend on digging deeper into these cases, in search of evidence that can back up the serial killer theory that I have. It's no coincidence that these four young women all died by such similar circumstances, and it's no coincidence that all four of them shared connections to the Lemmon Valley area.

Is there a serial killer currently living in Lemmon Valley?
People move -- especially prolific serial killers. Joseph Naso had committed crimes since the 1950s, which spanned from one coast of the country to the other. However, some people aren't so easy to uproot. That makes it absolutely possible that someone could currently be residing in the Lemmon Valley area, who has information that could close one or all of these unsolved homicides. If there is a single person living in Lemmon Valley that is responsible for these four (or more) homicides, then this person could be anywhere between the ages of 60-years-old and 80-years-old. This could be an elderly man that is known and loved in the community, someone's grandfather or fatherly figure. This could be someone who has gotten away with serial murder for the past 45 years.

On the other hand, this person could be long dead. Or he could be long-gone from the Lemmon Valley area. At any rate, it's very clear that these four women share far too many similarities for each of their deaths to be isolated incidents.
On April 4, 2003, 13-year-old Heather Lewis vanished after leaving school in Ely, Nevada. Over the course of the past 13 years, authorities have not been able to locate the missing teenager -- who would be an adult today. What happened to this missing teen, and why haven't police in White Pine County been able to put together the pieces of this tragic puzzle?

When Heather Janelle Lewis disappeared, she was a student at White Pine Middle School. The day of her disappearance wasn't a particularly good day for the 13-year-old Nevada girl. She had been caught at school with a pack of cigarettes in her possession, which led to her suspension. It's questionable as to how school faculty handled the suspension of the 13-year-old middle school student, because she was not removed from the school by a parent or guardian. She left the school campus that day, and never made it home.

When Heather disappeared, she had been having problems at home with her family. She did not get along with her stepmother, and she felt estranged from her biological brother, who had moved away to Oklahoma. Her disappearance was initially investigated as a voluntary disappearance. In other words, authorities (and her loved ones) believed that Heather ran away from home due to the problems she was having in her family life. However, she never got back into contact with her loved ones after she was seen leaving school on that day in 2003.

As of today, her loved ones are still searching for her. It's been 13 years and the missing teen's stepmother still uses Facebook and other social media tools to spread awareness on her disappearance, while pleading with the public for help in locating her. How long will it take before this family has some kind of closure?

At the time of writing this post, authorities with the White Pine County Sheriff's Office haven't been available to comment on the details surrounding this case. Meanwhile, I have a ton of questions. I will keep everyone updated on what's going on in this case as I am able to get more information.
Stefanie Stroh (also reported as Stephanie Stroh) was reported missing from Wells, Nevada on October 15, 1987. The 21-year-old college student had been hitchhiking by herself across the region when she vanished under suspicious circumstances. The last contact she had with her loved ones was shortly before she vanished. She called her parents to tell them that she had found a ride from Wells to Reno, Nevada -- a destination that she never reached. There has been nothing but speculation and what-ifs in her case for the past several years, but the fact remains that she has never been located. Will this cold case ever be solved?

Stefanie's disappearance has links to a notorious serial killer. Tommy Lynn Sells (who was executed in 2014) claimed that he was the one who promised her a ride from Wells to Reno on the last day the missing woman was ever seen alive. He confessed to strangling the missing coed to death before disposing of her body somewhere near Winnemucca, Nevada. Investigators have never been able to substantiate Tommy's claims, and he's dead now, so it would be impossible to get any further information out of him. However, it's curious that he provided details that seemed to correlate with the facts surrounding her disappearance. She was known to be hitchhiking at the time of her disappearance, and as previously stated, she told her parents she had found a ride. If Tommy Lynn Sells didn't kill this woman, then who did he kill near Winnemucca, Nevada?

It should be noted that authorities have searched the areas where Tommy Lynn Sells claimed to have disposed of the missing woman's body. The prolific serial killer claimed that he encased her body in cement and then dumped her in a hot spring near Winnemucca. There are quite a few hot springs, so it's possible that detectives didn't check the right one, or Tommy was simply playing a game of cat and mouse with the authorities. Even up until the moment he was put to death, Tommy Lynn Sells refused to discuss some of his crimes and the specifics surrounding them. Perhaps if he had killed Stefanie Stroh, he simply didn't want the true location of her body found.

Even if Stefanie Stroh wasn't one of the numerous victims slain by Tommy Lynn Sells, she almost certainly met some kind of foul play while hitchhiking from Wells to Reno, Nevada. She never made it to her destination and fell completely out of contact with anyone who ever knew her. She has also never resurfaced to let authorities know that she is safe and unharmed. In other words, this woman has ceased to exist for the past 29 years. Circumstances like these almost always point to foul play -- in particular, murder.

The last physical search for Stefanie Stroh's remains was many, many years ago. It seems that after nearly 30 years, detectives would prefer to wait until her remains are found accidentally by hikers or some other innocent passerby. The problem with this is that it could take many years for skeletal remains to be identified, especially when the system is already backed up with untested John and Jane Does. Whether or not there are any surviving family members who are still mourning the disappearance of Stefanie Stroh, this case deserves closure.

Winnemucca, Nevada is a small town located in the northern part of the state, approximately two-and-a-half hours northeast of Reno. It's a sort of picturesque little town, with a lot of money made from the mining industry. However, the Norman Rockwell-like appearance can be deceiving. This high-desert town has numerous connections with serial killers -- both notorious and obscure. It's also been the setting to more than one horrifying act of homicidal violence, as well as a destination that has been visited by more than one violent criminal.

Like every historic town in the United States, Winnemucca's distant history has its dark spots. One of the most infamous moments of great bloodshed in this region is also a huge part of U.S. history: The Battle of Kelley Creek. This notorious massacre took place in 1911, between Shoshone Native Americans and U.S. officials, over the murders of four police detectives. Ultimately, nearly a dozen people died in a horrifyingly bloody "battle."

In the year 1962, a 24-year-old Indiana man named David B. Niccum was arrested in Winnemucca -- along with a 16-year-old African-American girl. The girl's race made headlines at the time of the arrest because Niccum, a white man, had professed his love for the teenage girl during a time when interracial dating was absolutely taboo. However, it wasn't their interracial relationship, or even the difference in their ages, which got them arrested. In fact, David B. Niccum and his teenage companion were on the run from police from the state of Indiana. Just days before their arrest in Winnemucca, Nevada, Niccum coldly murdered three of the teenage girl's family members: Her mother, her father and her blind, elderly aunt. All three family members of the 16-year-old girl were shot to death. When the unlikely couple was arrested, the teenage girl told police that she was abducted against her will by the 24-year-old man. Come to find out, Niccum had attended bible study classes in her home, which is where he developed an unhealthy obsession with the teen. No reports have ever touched up on exactly why the man and his teenage captive were in Winnemucca.

During the late 1970s, a man known as "The Hermit," was arrested on accusations that he murdered three different people. In fact, the murders were committed over a span of at least two different incidents, making the man named Ronald Bristlewolf a serial killer. "The Hermit," was a well-known character who lived in the desert outside Winnemucca, Nevada. Up until he was arrested for the three murders that he committed, he was known by miners in the area as a strange and quiet man who was "afraid of guns," and who befriended wild horses in the region. Little did the miners know, however, Bristlewolf was actually a former mental hospital patient who was not afraid of violence. Among the man's three victims were a married couple and another Winnemucca resident by the name of Peter Cachenaut. His final victim's headstone can still be found in the Winnemucca Cemetery.

In 1982 a man by the name of Claude Dallas [pictured above] was arrested just north of Winnemucca, where he had been hiding out as a fugitive from justice. Dallas was wanted on accusations that he murdered two law enforcement officers in the state of Idaho. Not only did the man choose Winnemucca as a location to hide from authorities, he decided to bury the body of one of his victims in the same area. That homicide victim was Bill Pogue, a man who had once served as the chief of police for the Winnemucca Police Department. It's not known if Claude Dallas was aware of all the ties to Winnemucca that existed between he and one of his victims, but it could all just be coincidence. He was convicted of manslaughter in the same year of his arrest, but the self-styled mountain man and so-called "folk hero," escaped from prison in 1986 -- four years after his conviction. He was apprehended approximately a year later, and was placed in a more secure prison. Ultimately, Claude Dallas was released from prison in 2005, and has not since reoffended.

In 1987, notorious serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells strangled one of his numerous victims near
Winnemucca, Nevada. Her name was Stephanie Stroh, [pictured right] a young college coed who had been hitchhiking across the U.S., during a break from her studies. Sells claimed that he picked up Stroh near Wells, promising that he'd drive her to Reno. However, he actually took her somewhere around Winnemucca, where he assaulted and strangled her to death. The prolific serial killer has claimed that he encased her body in concrete and disposed of it, but she has never been found. Could she be somewhere in the desert wilderness surrounding Winnemucca, Nevada? Or was Tommy Lynn Sells blowing smoke? This horrifying murder wasn't Sells's only connection to Winnemucca. He also lived in the town for a short time, and even worked for a roofing company here.

In 2003, a Winnemucca/Golconda man was brutally murdered by his own wife, and the woman seemed to evade justice for approximately 12 years before she was finally arrested. Fifty-year-old James Erwin was stabbed repeatedly in the chest with a carving knife. His wife, 57-year-old Pam Erwin, wielded the weapon that took his life. When she was done murdering the man, she and a male accomplice attempted to encase his body in concrete before burying him in a shallow grave. After being interrogated just this year, Pam Erwin admitted to her role in the disappearance and death of her hubby, and she led authorities to where they could locate his remains.

Famed killer and pathological liar Jodi Arias made a stop in Winnemucca just hours after she violently murdered her former lover Travis Alexander. She was at the Flying J station, where she presumably gassed up and got snacks for her little road trip after killing Travis. It's kind of fascinating to imagine that she could have destroyed or disposed of evidence while traveling. Could some of that possible evidence be in Winnemucca?

The community of Winnemucca once encountered a female spree-killer. Elko woman Elizabeth Powell was convicted of more than one murder associated with her addiction to drugs and the lifestyle that surrounded her drug use. In a span of one or two days, the 33-year-old woman (in 1998) shot a woman to death in her Grass Valley home, all over a feud they had over a stolen knife. Following the murder of the Grass Valley woman, Powell and a male accomplice kidnapped a man by the name of Curtis Moss. Moss was transported by the murderous duo just outside Winnemucca on Highway 95 (going toward Paradise Ranchos). It was there that Elizabeth Powell relished in shooting the man to death over nothing more than a drug debt. Curtis Moss was made to run while the 33-year-old woman pumped him full of bullets from her handgun.

Do you know of any murderous history surrounding the Winnemucca area? Sound off in the comments section!

Jun 15, 2016

This week, a man was found guilty in the slaying of a 14-year-old girl, and the details of the crime have made it to media headlines more than three years after the horrifying incident. The disappearance and death of Marysa Nichols remains on the minds of Red Bluff, California residents -- especially with the latest news in her case. However, her murder serves as a reminder to people across the world that you're not ever 100% safe from stepping in harm's way.

On February 26, 2013, Marysa Nichols was reported missing by her parents when she did not return home from school. The search for the 14-year-old girl lasted approximately two days before her slain body was located behind the Red Bluff High School, where she was a student. Upon the discovery of her body, authorities were immediately certain that they had a homicide on their hands. At the time, authorities kept the details of Marysa's death hush-hush. It only took a couple of days before a suspect was arrested and charged with her murder: Quentin Ray Bealer.
So how did this 14-year-old California girls cross paths with her killer? And how exactly did she die? The circumstances surrounding the horrifying murder of Marysa Nichols are shocking. Nichols reportedly left school on foot the afternoon following her classes, and it was very shortly after this that she encountered Quentin Ray Bealer. The California man, in his late 30s, was a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet that included petty crimes and domestic violence related arrests. However, he did not have a reported criminal history associated with rape, kidnapping or murder. Nonetheless, on this February day in 2013, Quentin Bealer felt compelled to violently assault and murder the 14-year-old girl.

The details have only been pieced together through investigative evidence, because Bealer still maintains his innocence in the crimes that were committed. However, authorities believe that the man somehow lured the 14-year-old California girl down to a riverbed, approximately a mile behind the school where she was last seen leaving on foot. It was there that the much-older man attempted to rape Marysa. It should be noted, however, that the rape didn't appear to be successful, since no semen evidence was reportedly found during the autopsy of her body. Ultimately, Marysa Nichols was strangled to death, and her body was left in disarray along with her few possessions and clothing. It was a disorganized crime scene left by a disorganized criminal -- a drug addict who had just celebrated his own daughter's birthday by sexually assaulting and murdering a 14-year-old girl.

Even though the man -- now 42-years-old -- maintains his innocence, the evidence was simply stacked against him. That is why he has been convicted in the tragic murder of Marysa Nichols. At this time, it is not known what kind of sentence he will be handed. The state of California does indeed have the death penalty -- something this scumbag certainly deserves. It is because of him that a family will never see a beautiful young girl grow up to achieve something in her life. They were robbed of their child, and she was robbed of her existence. Meanwhile, loved ones of the convicted killer are also the victims.

Hopefully the sentence this man is given suits the crimes he committed.

The FBI is offering a reward to help track down, identify and arrest a cold case serial killer and rapist. The East Area Rapist, also known as the Golden State Killer, has been referred to as the original Night Stalker, with crimes predating that of notorious serial murderer Richard Ramirez.

Four decades have passed since the East Area Rapist operated between Sacramento and Orange County, California. With hundreds of miles covered, this prolific criminal was able to rape numerous women and claim the lives of several. Authorities believe he committed at least a dozen homicides and approximately 50 rapes while active. It's because of this high count that FBI officials are offering a reward in the amount of $50k for any information that could lead to his arrest.
The Golden State Killer (East Area Rapist), operated actively between the years 1976 and 1978, racking up an impressive body count in just a span of two years. However, if this man has relocated from California to other regions with similar unsolved crimes, it wouldn't be far fetched to speculate that this prolific killer and rapist may not have ever stopped committing the crimes he became known for in California.

FBI agents predict that the East Area Rapist, if alive, would be around 60 to 75-years-old right now.

Agents with the FBI are asking anyone with any potentially useful information to please come forward to help bring the victims of this prolific serial criminal the justice they deserve.