Texas man posted selfie with girlfriend's corpse after brutally murdering her

A Texas man has been arrested after he reportedly killed his girlfriend and then posted bodies of her murdered corpse to Facebook. CBS News reports that 43-year-old Jennifer Streit-Spears was violently stabbed to death, and her body mutilated, by Kennethy Amyx.

Friends and family of the Texas woman say they notified authorities in Plano after her 45-year-old boyfriend posted the gruesome photographs to her Facebook page. One of the graphic photos was of her bloodied, dead body. Another photo appeared to be a selfie of Amyx and Streit-Spears. Her throat was slashed in the selfie photo. The Dreamin' Demon reports that another one of the photos was a shot of her lifeless and blood-covered face. A caption to this particular pic read "Please pray for us."

Texas man Ken Amyx tried to take the coward's way out, but authorities were able to arrive at the scene of the murder before he was able to finish the job. When police arrived at the man's apartment, they found him with self-inflicted stab wounds. Jennifer's body was found inside of the apartment, as was suspected from the horrifying photos he had just posted to Facebook. One of the saddest parts of this gruesome display, which traumatized the Texas woman's loved ones, is that it took at least 36 hours for Facebook to actually remove the photo. Meanwhile, I can post a medical photo of a "micropenis" on my own Facebook page and get a 30-day-ban in less than an hour. Trust me. It's happened.
Come to find out, Amyx has a lengthy criminal history, with offenses spanning across at least two other countries. He is wanted on at least two charges associated with sex crimes against children in these other countries. Also, he was wanted for sex abuse against a child in Rockwall County, Texas.

Even though the Texas man has a history of crimes against others, and is known to be a fugitive from other countries, authorities in Collin County are only jailing him on bond in the amount of $500k. However, he doesn't look like he'll be able to post that pitiful amount.

This is not the first time someone has attracted attention for using social media to display the fruits of their violence. In 2013 a Florida man shot his wife to death and then posted a photo of her dead body on Facebook to show what he had done. Just this year, Derek Medina was convicted of second-degree murder in association with this shocking case.

As for this latest case out of Texas, this blog normally posts the crime scene, autopsy and/or active-homicide photos associated with the cases it covers. However, the photos associated with this case have seemed to vanish. Once I am able to find them, they will be posted at the bottom of this article.


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