Texas mom tried to roast toddler in oven

A Texas mom has been arrested on accusations that she put her own two-year-old daughter in an oven. Fox News 25 reports that the child was fortunate to survive the incident, but now 35-year-old Tasha Hatcher could face serious punishment. This case is absolutely bizarre, but this is not the first time a child has been cooked by a caregiver.

Hatcher was arrested on Thursday after she reportedly notified the police of her actions. She confessed that she had put the two-year-old girl in the oven and turned it on, which caused the child to suffer second and third-degree burns on her body. Authorities say that the child is recovering at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas. She has been removed from the custody of her mother, and placed in to the care of Child Protective Services -- and for damned good reason. Tasha Hatcher and other members of her family have been barred from having contact with the injured toddler. This detail creates more questions in a case that is already confusing as it is.

Those who are acquainted with the Texas mom say that she seems to be a "loving parent." Her friends have reacted with shock at the allegations she has admitted to committing. So what drove her to putting her child in the oven? Was she under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol? Or was she under some kind of delusional breakdown?


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