Waffle House waitress accused of drugging coworker with crystal meth

A Georgia Waffle House waitress has been arrested, and is accused of drugging one of her coworkers against his knowledge. The results of her alleged crime caused the man to slip into a coma, which lasted approximately four weeks.  The alleged victim is lucky to be alive, but will he get the justice he so rightly deserves?

The Dreamin' Demon reports that 43-year-old Sonserea Evans was caught on surveillance footage after authorities in Dawsonville, Georgia launched an investigation behind the apparent drugging of 37-year-old Brian Mikeals. The investigation was launched after the man was rushed to the hospital on the night of December 23rd. It was there that he fell into a coma. Hospital staff were able to determine that he had suffered from an overdose of methamphetamine, which put him into the four-week-long coma.

Security footage at the Waffle House where both Evans and Mikeals worked showed the 43-year-old woman taking the coworker's drink without his knowledge, before leaving the facility with it. The footage also showed her replacing his drink slyly, which he then consumed. Authorities in Dawsonville believe that Sonserea Evans poisoned Brian Mikeals with a near-fatal dose of the dangerous street drug.

Sonserea Evans has been charged with aggravated battery and possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute -- though she should have been charged with attempted murder since she drugged the man with such a high amount of a drug that could have damn well killed him. As for her motive? Brian Mikeals' sister believes that the Waffle House waitress couldn't deal with romantic rejection very well, and had allegedly drugged him to get back at him for spurning her attempts at hitting on him.

The 37-year-old victim has technically woken up from the coma, but he is in need of rehabilitation. This is because he reportedly can't speak or walk very well after suffering damage from the dose of meth that was sneaked into his drink. Hopefully he eventually makes a full recovery so he can take his attacker to civil court.


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