My thoughts on the Katelin Akens disappearance

Corrections: Luggage belonging to Katelin Akens was found in Fredericksburg, which only makes me more suspicious of possibilities discussed below.

Also, Katelin was dropped off at a shopping mall by her stepfather, where she was supposed to take a Metrolink to catch her flight. 

~~ Apologies for the honest mistakes in gathering information.

Katelin Akens disappeared approximately two months ago, and it seems that law enforcement are simply spinning their wheels and going nowhere in the investigation behind what happened to her. Over the course of the past two months, authorities have prevented volunteers from conducting searches for the missing 19-year-old, to the frustration of folks who are wanting to help find her.

So what happened to Katelin? What's known so far doesn't paint a very positive picture of what the outcome to this case may be. She was scheduled to fly from the Spotsylvania, Virginia area -- back to Arizona where she resided and attended college. However, she never made it to her destination. To made the case more suspicious, all of her belongings (her luggage) was found strewn in a ditch near the airport. The belongings included her identification and other possessions that would normally be kept on her person.

With her still being missing, I can't help but suspect that this woman is the victim of foul play. Still, it's important to keep an open mind, as with any case. There are multiple reasons for why Katelin Akens' belongings were discarded in the manner that they were, even though the most glaring suspicion is that someone forcefully abducted the 19-year-old before she could board her flight to Arizona. Without being too wordy, I'm going to organize my thoughts on this case in a bullet list:

  • Authorities don't want people searching for Katelin Akens: This tells me, flat out, that authorities suspect that this missing woman was the victim of foul play. To clarify, they don't think she's going to be found alive. Either that, or they don't believe she will be found in the area from where she vanished (Virginia). 

  • Luggage found in ditch -- but what does that mean? This discover could mean one of two things -- Either Katelin Akens was abducted (and her belongings discarded by the attacker), or she dumped her own stuff while disappearing voluntarily, not wanting to be found.

  • Possible love triangle -- or worse? It's probably a coincidence that Katelin's ex-boyfriend happens to live in the area from where she vanished. But it should be noted that she has been in a same-sex relationship for a handful of years since her apparent relationship with this Virginia man ended. She's engaged to a young woman, who lives where she was scheduled to fly on the day she vanished. This is all just speculation, but I would hope that authorities have thoroughly interviewed both Katelin's current lover and her old flame who lives in Fredericksburg. I'm not naming names, but the information can be gleaned from Katelin's Facebook page, which hasn't been publicly active since November 2015. I should repeat that this is all speculation (which is why I will not publicly name the ex lover of the missing woman), but it wouldn't be completely uncommon for there to be some bitterness or other feelings, residual from an old relationship. It's also not at all uncommon for former lovers to be involved with crimes of passion.

  • Suspicious stepfather? A lot of people appear to be very suspicious of Katelin Akens' stepfather -- the person who was technically the last to see her before she vanished. However, authorities in Virginia have stated more than once that his story checks out with them. That doesn't mean that authorities are necessarily being honest with the public. After all, if they have a suspect in the stepfather, they would most likely want to keep him comfortable while they build a case against him. However, they could be honest in these statements, indicating that Katelin's stepfather may not be a suspicious character at all. I admit, that it's always fish when someone is the last to see a missing person, but sometimes something is what it is.

Overall, I'm really thinking Katelin Akens was victimized in some fashion -- but under what circumstances, and by whom? This is the true mystery, especially with such little information available in her case. Hopefully investigators in Virginia uncover some kind of clues in this case so it doesn't end up going completely cold (if it hasn't already). 


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