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A staggering number of men are missing in the United States

Just how many men are missing in the United States? According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, nearly 7,000 men and boys are missing in the U.S., and none of these disappearances have ever been solved. The very same missing person database reveals that there are nearly 2,000 more men missing in this country than there are women, with a total of more than 12,000 people (men, women and children) that have disappeared over numerous years.

The Justina Pelletier farce continues

Here we go again. Justina Pelletier is back in the news after some high profile exposure involving the Children's Hospital of Boston, and accusations of medical child abuse against her own mother. Ever since her parents regained custody of her, she has been back in the hospital at least once, but now her family is back in front of news cameras for a totally different reason.

They plan to sue Boston Children's Hospital.

Apparently it wasn't enough for the Pelletier family to regain custody of their chronically ill daughter -- against the diagnoses and resistance of several medical experts. Now it seems that they are after the cold hard cash, and maybe another 15 minutes of fame.

Is man who murdered Jessica Chambers a serial killer?

Is Jessica Chambers finally going to get justice? It's been more than a year since the Mississippi teen was brutally murdered, but it looks like someone is finally going to answer for her death. The man who has been arrested, charged and indicted is 27-year-old Quinton Tellis -- a man whom authorities say "worked alone" in the horrifying murder.

Tellis has been indicted on a charge of capital murder -- meaning he may very well face the death penalty if he is convicted of the crime. This probably comes as a delight to the thousands of people who have hoped for justice in the slaying of the Mississippi teenager. Jessica Chambers suffered a horrifyingly gruesome death.

She was dowsed with gasoline and burned alive.

Crybabies hate free speech -- Publisher yanks serial killer's book

A publisher has yanked a book supposedly written by serial killer Robert Pickton, and this couldn't be a more terrible decision. In case you're not familiar with Pickton, he's a Canadian killer convicted of slaying at least six prostitutes over a course of several years. It's believed that he may have gotten away with countless murders before he was caught, however -- as the story frequently goes with most other serial killers. Whether or not he killed an astounding number of people means little, though, considering that this man is indeed a serial murderer who is sitting behind the bars of a Canadian prison. He'll likely never again see freedom outside those prison walls, which is a relief to those who are loved ones of the women he killed. With all the free time he's had in prison, he managed to pen a sort of memoir, which was published by Outskirts Press (based in Colorado).

The book had only been published for a short time (just a few hours on Amazon, actu…

My thoughts on the Katelin Akens disappearance

Corrections: Luggage belonging to Katelin Akens was found in Fredericksburg, which only makes me more suspicious of possibilities discussed below.

Also, Katelin was dropped off at a shopping mall by her stepfather, where she was supposed to take a Metrolink to catch her flight. 

~~ Apologies for the honest mistakes in gathering information.

Katelin Akens disappeared approximately two months ago, and it seems that law enforcement are simply spinning their wheels and going nowhere in the investigation behind what happened to her. Over the course of the past two months, authorities have prevented volunteers from conducting searches for the missing 19-year-old, to the frustration of folks who are wanting to help find her.

So what happened to Katelin? What's known so far doesn't paint a very positive picture of what the outcome to this case may be. She was scheduled to fly from the Spotsylvania, Virginia area --…

Crazy mom sexually tortured son for a bizarre reason

A Texas mom has been arrested -- along with her boyfriend -- after authorities in Kemp say they sexually tortured the woman's son. The Dreamin' Demon reports that the reason for this horrifying act of sexual violence is downright bizarre. One of the most infuriating points in this disturbing case is the fact that 40-year-old Christi Howell can be smiling in her mugshot with no apparent care in the world, just moments after being arrested for a series of unthinkably cruel acts against her own son.

Kemp authorities were notified of a possible abuse situation, when officials at the school attended by the young teen victim noticed possible signs of mistreatment. Upon being interviewed, the child opened up to authorities and accused his mother and her boyfriend of torturing him after he did something inappropriate with the family dog. The child, who is not being named in any media reports, is reportedly "special needs" and is under the age of 14-years-old.

The unnamed vi…

What happened to CaroLynn Weeks? NY woman missing for one week

Update 2/21/16: The body of CaroLynn Weeks has been located in a wooded area. Police do not suspect foul play in her death.

Authorities in Tompkins County, New York are looking for 54-year-old CaroLynn Weeks. The missing woman was reportedly last seen on Feb. 9th, and hasn't been accounted for since -- to the dismay of her loved ones. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System shares the details of this woman's mysterious disappearance.

Authorities claim that the woman was reportedly leaving her place of employment when she last spoke to members of her family. However, she never arrived home and neither her or her car have been sighted since she disappeared.

She was driving a blue 2014 Kia Optima hybrid car with red lights and a hummingbird charm hanging from the rear-view mirror. CaroLynn Weeksd is 54-years-old, standing at approximately 5'6" tall and around 160 lbs. She has brown hair and brown eyes. If you see this woman or if you know anything about her …

Kerry Jones is still missing

Jacksonville, Florida: Kerry Jones is still missing from the Jacksonville area after disappearing around Feb. 7th. No new details exist in this developing case, nor have authorities revealed whether or not they suspect foul play (though her boyfriend does seem shady!) Please share the following flyer to get the word out about her disappearance.

Waffle House waitress accused of drugging coworker with crystal meth

A Georgia Waffle House waitress has been arrested, and is accused of drugging one of her coworkers against his knowledge. The results of her alleged crime caused the man to slip into a coma, which lasted approximately four weeks.  The alleged victim is lucky to be alive, but will he get the justice he so rightly deserves?

The Dreamin' Demon reports that 43-year-old Sonserea Evans was caught on surveillance footage after authorities in Dawsonville, Georgia launched an investigation behind the apparent drugging of 37-year-old Brian Mikeals. The investigation was launched after the man was rushed to the hospital on the night of December 23rd. It was there that he fell into a coma. Hospital staff were able to determine that he had suffered from an overdose of methamphetamine, which put him into the four-week-long coma.

Security footage at the Waffle House where both Evans and Mikeals worked showed the 43-year-old woman taking the coworker's drink without his knowledge, before leav…

Where is Kerry Jones? Florida woman missing for over a week

Authorities in Jacksonville, Florida are looking for Kerry Jones. The 46-year-old missing woman vanished mysteriously around the 7th of this month, and she still hasn't been located. First Coast News reports that she wasn't reported missing by her boyfriend, Jackie Kelly, until Feb. 9th, and the circumstances of her disappearance are attracting attention.

Authorities reveal that the missing Florida woman had argued with her boyfriend not long before her mysterious disappearance. Jackie Kelly, her boyfriend, told authorities that they had gotten into a dispute over a post that she made on Facebook. Her public Facebook profile doesn't show any posts made beyond Feb. 6th. The woman, who is originally from the state of Alabama, is also "legally deaf," according to news reports. 

Police: Jacksonville woman, Kerry Jones, missing since Feb. 7 — jaxdotcom (@jaxdotcom) February 17, 2016
The Jacksonville Sun Times reports t…