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My thoughts on Down's Syndrome and the Ursula Presgrave controversy

Down's Syndrome can be a very touchy topic with some people -- This is something I've personally experienced in my time as a career blogger and opinionista. That's why I feel particularly bad for former reality star Ursula Presgrave. The woman once featured on The Call Centre is currently facing a potential jail sentence after she expressed her opinion about people who suffer from the chromosomal defect, but that's not all. She's also being targeted with vitriolic backlash from people on social media who fancy themselves as word and thought police in the name of advocacy for people with Down's.  In other words, she's created quite the mess by simply expressing an unpopular opinion. Since she's facing possible jail time she has decided to apologize for her words, which she claims were declared in order to get attention. However, from my point-of-view, it looks a lot like she's been muscled into publicly backing down from a value in which she believe…