My thoughts on Rebecca Henderson Paulk's disappearance

Alabama woman Rebecca Henderson Paulk vanished on Labor Day, and her vehicle was found abandoned in a rural part of Mississippi. It's been two weeks and no new updates in her case have been publicized. Meanwhile, her loved ones fear the worst in her disappearance -- and for good reason. The woman has reportedly never gone more than a day without talking to her mother and father, but has since dropped completely out of contact with them over the course of her disappearance. (Read more)

To make things more suspicious in her case, a cellphone was located not far from the car that was left abandoned, containing all of her belongings. Authorities in Mississippi haven't confirmed whether or not the cellphone belongs to her, but it should be noted that her cellphone was not found in the vehicle with her other electronics. It's never a good sign when a missing person's vehicle is found abandoned -- even worse when the missing's personal belongings are found in said vehicle. If the cellphone discovered near the car is confirmed as hers, this adds even more to the increasingly negative vibe that surrounds her disappearance.

Another disturbing detail in her disappearance is the fact that police believe that her car was parked by someone other than the missing woman herself. Geographically, she was near a raceway in the "Whynot" area of Meridian. When added to the other details in this case, a picture begins to manifest of a possible kidnapping situation -- or an otherwise potential for their being foul play involved. In other words, this woman may have been murdered if she is not being held against her will by an unknown captor.

While the media appears to be going silent about this case, there are a number of details that stick out to me that I feel should be given attention:

  • Drug task force agents are involved in the search for Rebecca Henderson Paulk -- this is not a common occurrence for missing persons investigations. 
  • Her Facebook page contains comments referring to a possible divorce, but no husband -- or former husband for that matter -- has come forward to speak out with her loved ones in the two weeks that she has been missing.
There are some other details that are sticking out in this case, but I'm going to refrain from sharing my two cents until more developments hit media headlines. I will say, however, that I don't have full confidence that this woman is still alive.


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