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Sep 22, 2015

Alabama woman Rebecca Henderson Paulk vanished on Labor Day, and her vehicle was found abandoned in a rural part of Mississippi. It's been two weeks and no new updates in her case have been publicized. Meanwhile, her loved ones fear the worst in her disappearance -- and for good reason. The woman has reportedly never gone more than a day without talking to her mother and father, but has since dropped completely out of contact with them over the course of her disappearance. (Read more)

Sep 15, 2015

Charlie Ely was convicted in the murder of 15-year-old Seath Jackson back in 2011, after a quick trial -- during which she was given no chance to truly defend herself. The 19-year-old (18 at the time of the murder) woman was sentenced to life imprisonment, even though she had no physical involvement in the slaying of the Florida teen.
Charly has been denied an appeal to retry her case in the court of law, even though other defendants -- who had actually committed the physical crime -- have been granted retrials. The state of Florida railroaded the 19-year-old woman, refusing her the most basic rights of an American, in a crime that she had very minimal involvement in committing.

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