My thoughts on the Ember Graham disappearance

If you've been paying attention to my fan page on Facebook you'll know that I'm covering the disappearance of California baby Ember Graham. The six-month-old infant was reported missing by her father, who claimed that he last saw her in her crib the previous night. He also told authorities that the front door of his home was open when he discovered that his baby was missing. It's been five days since she vanished as I write this blog post, and the details in this case are immediately pointing to foul play. In fact, police in Shasta County have confirmed that Matthew Graham is a person of interest and has gone uncooperative in their investigation. Meanwhile, they've publicly declared that baby Ember may not be alive. So what are my thoughts on this disappearance?

To be honest, I think this is another one of those obvious cases, much like the unsolved disappearances of Ayla Reynolds and Lisa Irwin. The formula is always the same: 
  • Parent reports child missing, claiming they were snatched while the family slept (aka, every parent's nightmare). 
  • Detectives find no evidence of abduction.
  • Parents become persons of interest or suspects.
Sadly, Ayla Reynolds' and Lisa Irwin's cases remain unsolved, so the persons of interest in their cases remain free. Authorities in Shasta County aren't going the same route as investigators in Maine and Missouri. They were fortunate enough to arrest their person of interest on, at least, an unrelated charge. But now what? As of this latest update, Matthew Graham has been released from police custody. Will he end up back behind bars before long? If police suspect him -- and they clearly do -- it will take some solid evidence in order to have probable cause to arrest him in relation to Ember's disappearance and likely murder -- or at the least, inhumane handling of a possible accidental death. There are so many possibilities in this case, but not enough forensic evidence.

I think Matthew Graham has been made a person of interest in the disappearance of his daughter for a reason. Some of the inconsistencies in his statements to police have been revealed, for one thing. When he told police that he simply drove his daughter to a store to help her get to sleep, security footage actually showed otherwise. Footage showed him traveling in the opposite direction of his home, and then returning back toward his home an hour later. To no surprise, Daddy Dearest has a case of amnesia surrounding that hour of time. He told police that he "did not remember" what he was doing during that hour before he drove back to his home.

Another curious detail in the disappearance of Ember Graham, is the fact that authorities could see that the infant was in her car-seat on surveillance footage, when Matthew Graham drove in the opposite direction of his home. Authorities did not clarify seeing the baby when he drove back toward his home an hour later. Did they omit this detail for a reason? Was Ember in her car-seat?

Authorities believe that Ember Graham is dead -- and I do too. But how did she die, and was it homicide or accidental? These are questions that can't be answered without some kind of evidence indicating one outcome or the other. 


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