My thoughts on Anjelica Hadsell's cause of death

Anjelica Hadsell's cause of death has finally been revealed after many, many weeks of waiting. As I wrote in this Inquisitr piece, the cause of death doesn't really answer any questions. Instead, we're left with more confusion and even more fragmented information on which to speculate.

AJ died by acute heroin poisoning -- in other words, a heroin overdose. However, it's not known if that heroin overdose was due to voluntary use of the dangerous narcotic, or if she was given the drug against her will in an act of homicide. Both of these theories are possible, whether anyone wants to believe them or not -- and plenty of people don't want to believe that this young woman was a drug user. I don't even want to, since she clearly doesn't fit the profile of a user. However, anything is possible, and since heroin poisoning played a role in her death it's important to consider the possibilities, no matter how unpleasant.

We all know by now that Wesley Hadsell was arrested for trying to hinder the investigation, though he claims he was acting out as the father of a missing young woman. When he was arrested he had evidence of cocaine use on him along with ammunition to a gun that he did not have at the time. What he did not have in his possession was heroin or heroin paraphernalia. Furthermore, Anjelica Hadsell's cause of death did not at all involve being shot. So far her cause of death is not connecting with evidence that has publicly been acknowledged against her adoptive father.

So is Wesley even involved in her disappearance and demise? Is anybody at all even involved? It's absolutely possible, still, that Wesley played a role in AJ's death. After all, as many people have obsessed upon since day-one, Wesley has a criminal record -- a violent criminal record. Nonetheless, where's the evidence? Do investigators have any forensic evidence to prove that Wesley poisoned his adoptive daughter with heroin before dumping her body?

First, I want to repeat something that Wesley had told me during one of our conversations. He said that Anjelica had asked to borrow a couple hundred dollars. At the time he said that he believed it was for her boyfriend's birthday present. She was supposedly getting him a GoPro. Is it possible that Wesley was telling the truth when he said this - and could that money she borrowed actually been for the drugs that ultimately killed her? Or, was Wesley Hadsell creating a sort of backstory to draw attention off of himself? After all, if he says that he gave the girl money before she vanished, a drug overdose later wouldn't look entirely suspicious -- right? Of course, he probably wasn't counting on just how suspicious his past would look to a scrutinizing public! In my mind, either theory holds weight when authorities haven't released any forensic findings of their own.

Some people are offended that I'd even ask if this young woman experimented with drugs, but I want to point out that drugs have been brought up in relation to this case more than once. In fact, Zach Hoffer has even expressed fears of his own about alleged drug use playing a role in her case. He has publicly stated on Websleuths at least once that he feared she could have wandered off under the influence of drugs, which is unsettling since she was found at an abandoned property dead of a drug overdose. Meanwhile, there are no apparent signs that Anjelica Hadsell ever used hard drugs. So this case continues to be a head-scratcher.

To condense my thoughts into one sentence: I'm not convinced of anything yet. I need to see what investigators have found in relation to this case or simply pertaining to her cause of death. Until then, I won't join the bandwagon blaming other people for her death, and I'm not going to commit to saying that she dabbled with heroin use. To me, there is no evidence to support -- without a shadow of a doubt -- that either played a role. At the same time, there is no evidence to support the idea that neither of those theories are the answer.


  1. Tabby Lynn GallagherJune 29, 2015 at 8:39 PM

    1. Zach knew locations of where to search before anyone.
    2. Wesley stated in the interview today she texted them about heroin two weeks prior to her death.. two weeks prior?? No one heard or seen form AJ. She was missing for 39 days.. explain that??

  2. ChelseaHoffman.ComJune 29, 2015 at 8:42 PM

    I think he meant two weeks before her disappearance

    but definitely lots of curious stuff here

  3. No Zach did not know her locations. Wesley took her phone the day he kidnapped her, went back to the hotel and made random texts to her mother. Either the mother is covering up many issues "why was he in a hotel while AJ came home for break? Why did they only find 1 piece of the credit card, but the very next day after a search of not finding any other. Wesley and his search crew find other parts of the credit card? 2 +2, he planted them there. He has been trying to set up Corey since day 1. He broke into the house to plant AJ's jacket there, it was stated "he threatened all the kids in Jennifer's home not to tell anyone"

  4. ChelseaHoffman.ComJuly 1, 2015 at 11:09 AM

    I have a lot to say, just not saying it yet.

  5. Cannot wait to hear. If I am correct, you will be on point with exactly what happened.


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