My thoughts on the Ashley Pegram disappearance

What happened to Ashley Pegram? The South Carolina woman has been missing now for longer than two weeks in a case that has only recently made it to media reports. She disappeared after going on a date with a man she'd met on the messenger app Kik, but he claims that he kicked her out of his car because she was too drunk.

That man has been identified as Edward Bonilla, and he's been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice -- for lying to authorities and misleading people in the search for the missing woman. I wrote about the details of this arrest, along with the rest of the case in this Inquisitr article.

My thoughts on this case are pretty cut-and-dry: The evidence simply points at Edward Bonilla right now, as having something to do with Ashley's disappearance. He has lied to police, going as far as falsifying text messages to the woman's phone in an attempt to cover his own ass. Right now authorities do not have enough forensic evidence against him to flat-out charge him with kidnapping or murder (no body, for starters). Charging him with obstruction of justice can allow authorities to keep him behind bars long enough for them to find any evidence that can tie him directly to her disappearance.

The odds of something else being responsible for Ashley Pegram's disappearance aren't nonexistent, however. Her loved ones have acknowledged that she's battled depression since January when her boyfriend reportedly died in a traffic accident. However, her sister has declared that the mother of three would "never do anything to harm herself." Unfortunately, these are statements that are all-too-often echoed by the loved ones of people who do actually end up taking their own lives. Nonetheless, that is not at all what I think happened to Ashley.

Edward Bonilla wasn't counting on surveillance footage catching him up in a web of lies. If he's responsible for Ashley Pegram's disappearance, he has already proven to be sloppy at covering his ass. The evidence will hopefully not be that hard for authorities to uncover while they keep him behind bars on obstruction charges.


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