My thoughts on Anjelica Hadsell's chaotic family experience

No updates yet in Anjelica Hadsell's case -- no cause of death, no arrests and no official suspects declared (yet) by authorities with the Norfolk Police Dept. However, the past several weeks have revealed a motley crew of characters that once surrounded this young woman -- in particular, three men who have all been in her life as father figures.

Mel Langer
This is AJ's biological father. He was essentially in her life the shortest amount of time out of the three men that have come out so far. He wasn't involved in her live much and has no involvement with her disappearance -- or rather, he has really no reason or motive to be involved.

Zach Hoffer
This is stepdad number one, and the man who spent the most time in Anjelica's life as a father figure. He reportedly raised her from late infancy to her early teens.

Wesley Hadsell
This is Anjelica's latest stepfather, who also legally adopted her. He, as everyone knows, is currently in jail on charges of obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of ammunition. Currently, the general opinion among the public is that he is suspicious regarding AJ's case. Many people believe that he had something to do with her disappearance and death.

I've had a lot of contact with Wesley, personally, and I've already said everything that can be said about him at this point. I understand that people think he is responsible,and I recognize why people feel this way. However, and  I can't believe I have to say this so much, I need to see evidence against someone before I go full bore on them.

I do, however, feel the need to point out that everyone appears to have tunnel vision with this case. While everyone is fixated on Wesley Hadsell -- who may or may not be guilty of involvement with AJ's death -- everyone appears to be ignoring other suspicious elements (and people) involved in her life. I'll get into that later in this post.

Anjelica's chaotic upbringing
This child is not only a product of a broken home, but she is the product of multiple broken homes. She was taken from her father (or abandoned by him, depending on whose story you believe) and then, for some reason, she chose to distance herself from Zach Hoffer -- the man who actually took the biggest role in raising her. To me, this is questionable. Why would a young teenage girl willingly separate herself from the person she knew as her father, unless she had a reason?

Teenage girls seldom get along with their mothers to the point of willingly alienating their fathers. Statistically speaking most children of divorced parents live with their mom. However, it's common knowledge that little girls tend to prefer their fathers at the age when AJ was seemingly closer to her mother.

I've had very little contact with Zach Hoffer, and he's never agreed to an interview, but he did make some statements. Unfortunately, his statements left me feeling a little troubled. He said that Anjelica chose her mother because she apparently offered her a life of fewer rules and restrictions. It seemed to me that Zach was insinuating that Anjelica wanted to live a wild or unruly lifestyle, but in reality AJ's character seemed to be the exact opposite of that. She was a bright college student and had been deeply involved in extracurricular activities, such as various sports. Every picture in existence of this young woman shows a happy and well adjusted person who enjoyed an actively rewarding life that did not involve drugs or alcohol or partying that is typical of girls in her age group.

Since around 2010 Zach has publicly posted his sentiments about the separation from AJ's mom Jennifer, but mostly his separation from Anjelica. For the most part, his posts (in my opinion) have come across absolutely obsessive and odd.

What I find troubling is how many people are choosing to ignore these posts, and the overall sentiment he has expressed toward Anjelica over the years. I can't help but think that if it had been Wesley Hadsell blogging these things, public opinion would shift right into thinking that these sentiments are unhealthy and unnatural. His writings come across as though he is a lover scorned, not a father who has been shunned by his daughter during a rough divorce or separation.

Also troubling to me is Zach's eager willingness to involve himself in not only the search for AJ, but the investigation. He has tried talking to police as her parent. He has tried to coordinate searches. He has participated in online discussion on Websleuths and other true crime fanatic arenas where he has soaked in the sympathetic limelight as a grieving father who has been denied access to his child. But this is a 19-year-old woman who reportedly chose not to be in his life, and he is not her father, but merely a former stepfather. Furthermore, he has two biological daughters with Jennifer Hadsell, and in none of his online rantings does he express even half the passion that he exhausts while talking about Anjelica. Everything has been about, and remains to be about Anjelica to the point that he has made himself look obsessed with her in a way that does not seem fatherly in the slightest.

I must also point out that from the beginning of Anjelica's disappearance, both Jennifer and Wesley -- along with other members of their family -- have stated that Zach was someone who was interfering with their search for her. They stated this publicly on the Bring AJ Home Facebook page back in March. Jennifer Hadsell (and family) have made it abundantly clear that Zach Hoffer is not AJ's father, and is not affiliated with the family's efforts. These are apparently Jennifer's wishes, and regardless of any suspicion held against Wesley, she is still the biological and custodial mother of the slain teen -- and Hoffer is just an ex who didn't even father her.

The man who should have been involved from the beginning of this disappearance is Mel Langer, AJ's biological father. He was completely nonexistent during the 38 days that she was missing. He did not come forward at all during the search for her. He did not involve himself in any way. It wasn't until Anjelica was found murdered that he and his family came forward with the halfhearted statement, "I wish I'd been around more for her."  Now his wife and her family members are on the Case to Case fan page smearing Jennifer, and attacking anyone who questions his absence from AJ's life, but none of them have anything to say when asked why none of them came forward during the search, instead of watching two other men publicly take the role as father during this horrible situation.

Meanwhile, the only person involved in this case that isn't flinging insults about family members and former lovers is Jennifer Hadsell, who is being so quiet that some people are suspicious of her. I still don't know what to think about her, personally, but I think she had a reason to separate from both Mel Langer and Zach Hoffer. I think all of these people taking sides -- Team Hoffer, Team Langer, Team Hadsell -- just need to chill and wait for this case to produce some actual evidence. Because, to be honest I think every person in this case has reason to be considered suspicious by everyone -- and that is why there appears to be such polarizing points of view expressed by people regarding who they support and who they trust.


  1. Chelsea HoffbitchApril 15, 2015 at 2:12 AM

    Chelsea hoffman you suck and you should probably get Wes' dick out of your mouth just because you had a bad dad and still might i I say turned into a evil demented troll with half of a brain! Zack hoffee cared about his daughter and you're sick for thinking it ... Now Wes on the other hand his own sister can't stick up for him anymore ! :( I pitty you and whoever believes the bullshit that is strewn out of your mouth!

  2. Maybe you should have a chat with her Mother!
    Seems the men have been very vocal why not her MOTHER?
    Where was mom that day?

  3. "I think all of these people taking sides -- Team Hoffer, Team Langer, Team Hadsell -- just need to chill and wait for this case to produce some actual evidence." I guess you mean everyone but you? I mean, honestly, that statement is laughable since this is like your fifth or sixth time addressing this case...without any actual evidence.

  4. Go have a double cheeseburger and leave Zach alone. Zach aint never kidnap and rape nobody. Tell Wes you will marry him behind bars and have kids with him.

  5. Green is the colourApril 15, 2015 at 9:19 AM

    Thanks Chelsea for stating the obvious. Zach Hoffer's ramblings on his blog are like a love sick teenager and I believe that he probably started to make Aj feel uncomfortable and why she started to distance herself from him. People need to go back and read his whole blog, he even writes that his own mother though he was mentally unstable. Why did she think that? If Wesley wasn't the obvious offender for her murder then I think they would be calling Zach out on the creepy things he's said and wrote. Such a cop out blaming mothers for poisoning kids minds when the kids don't want as much contact or no contact at all, too easy to blame others instead of taking responsibility and facing facts that themselves are the ones to blame for pushing away the child. Zach Hoffer only wrote that they poisoned Aj against him when they changed her name but over the last few years Zach has written on his blog that it was I fact him that pushed her away and that she had got sick of him. Why did she push him away and get sick of him? And if it was because of JHadsell turning Aj against him then his bio children would be having nothing to do with him either as I can guarantee that if that was the case then all the girls would have not wanted to see him and JHadsell would have gotten Hoffer out their lives completely.

  6. "I think all of these people taking sides -- Team Hoffer, Team Langer, Team Hadsell -- just need to chill and wait for this case to produce some actual evidence." I guess you mean everyone but you? I mean, honestly, that statement is laughable since this is like your fifth or sixth time addressing this case...without any actual evidence.

  7. dollarstorespecialApril 15, 2015 at 3:37 PM

    Zach Hoffer seems to have an agenda according to his so-called blog. He is one sick man. I totally agree Chelsea with everything you said about him. Really scary person-and I would not trust any of my children to be with him.
    I feel he (Zach) was so intimidated by Mr. Hadsell that he (Zach) lost it in the end. I wonder what Zach's timeline is and also-what does Zach do for a living? According to his blog he has lived out of cars and trailers for the past few years and cuts grass. I really don't understand the worship he is experiencing on WS. Are people so stupid?
    He reminds me of the perp who said he killed JonBenet-John Mark Carr. Frightening as hell and just as crazed.
    He is so obsessed and full of hate, while being passive-aggresive.

    Thanks Chelsea for having the fortitude to put it out there.

  8. Yeah I too don't get all the worship on websleuths for Zach. In the very beginning my heart went out to ZH but then as I carefully read his blog I became uneasy. I'm in no way suggesting that I think he had a harm in AJ's death. I don't feel like I've read enough to accuse anyone of murder and as far as I can tell LE has not charged anyone or arrested anyone in relation to AJ's disappearance/murder. I'm not one to throw accusations around especially serious accusations like murder. Usually I find the posters on websleuths to be very cautious with who they 'believe' and with whom they accuse..but with this case I'm a little taken aback I suppose. I don't know Zach whatsoever, but I will say if I read a blog that my ex wrote and it stated the same words as ZH does regarding my daughter it would more than bother me ...I'd be very concerned. I find it a bit odd that these websleuth posters can't see the same. I guarantee if WH wrote anything half like that he would be called out for it...every word would be analyzed and re-analyzed. This ZH dude may be a great person ...had I not read his blog of several years I may sincerely think that today. I actually thought I was the ONLY person online who thought his blog was creepy at times when it came to some particular posts about AJ...but I'm glad to see it isn't only me. AJ deserved better ....she certainly got let down a lot. OH and I thought it was pretty crappy, immature and down right wrong when ZH VIA his blog placed a lot of blame on AJ for how things were between them ..... as a "father figure" that is wrong in my opinion. He's the adult...AJ was not..she had just recently turned 18...and even with my own 19 year old I don't consider her an "adult" in some areas...for example ZH is the adult he should be holding himself accountable or both he and AJ's mom and it shouldn't be plastered online for everyone to read including AJ. I often wonder if AJ ever found that blog and if she read it ? It breaks my heart to think she imagine a 15, 16, 17 year old young girl reading her stepfather judging her pretty harshly and pouring out how badly she has made him feel is super shi**y. just freakin a mother reading that blog would anger me beyond words! Set aside the creepy factor...just the emotional turmoil it would make my teenage daughter feel if she had read it..if she googled his name and it came up..I can't imagine....
    I was too lazy to signup for websleuths when I thought of asking why is this ZH being treated as "father of the year?" no really? I get treating posters there with great respect and being friendly esp when it is a family member of the victim...Im not saying they should give their opinions on his blog and Im happy they have been supportive of him but just to lash out at the mere thought of anyone questioning some of the things he has said on his blog and to act as if they know him personally and more than that ...acting as if they know him and the entire family dynamic...but htey don't they are totally taking everything he says at face value. Interesting for sure.
    anyway, I hope AJ gets the justice she deserves.....she is gone much too soon. It is refreshing to get another take on ZH.

  9. actually ZH and JH divorced Sept 2007 per court documents. ZH filed . AJ would have been 11 yrs old.

  10. Green is the colourApril 16, 2015 at 3:27 AM

    All I can say that if they can disparage Aj's mother the way they have and repeatedly post that she should lose custody of the younger girls for letting WHadsell into their lives then i shudder to see what goes on with their own families. To think that there's nothing wrong with his blog posts and fawn over him the way they have then they need to seriously look at their own moral compasses. I think that some posters believe that like Hoffer, that inserting themselves in the case they can feed their own needy-narcissist issues. Zach Hoffers Blog raises a lot of red flags about him, there's a post from September 2011 where he writes that they're laughing at him (J&Aj )for loving like a fool. Sounds like that even JHadsell and Aj thought that he was too intense and not normal in the way he professed his love for Aj. I couldn't find any info about the reason why JHadsell and Hoffer divorced but I wouldn't be surprised if it was over he's inappropriateness.

  11. Am I correct to say that my comments can remain up here only if I agree with Chelsea? My comments have been removed twice now. I suspect a third time, after this is posted. My twice removed comment is not rude or even mildly offensive. As a matter of fact, most of it (over 50% of the wording) was a direct quote from above, Chelsea's words. Maybe someone doesn't like a mirror to be put in their face?
    "I think all of these people taking sides -- Team Hoffer, Team Langer, Team Hadsell -- just need to chill and wait for this case to produce some actual evidence." All of these people, except for Chelsea since she is one her 5th or 6th post about this without any actual evidence.

  12. Green is the colourApril 16, 2015 at 5:50 PM

    I'm not on anyone's team!! considering I believe WHadsell had some type of involvement but the fandom over Zach Hoffer is bizarre and all this mother blaming all the time does my head in. This is where I can Post with out having 100 posters in a row be rude and tell me I'm wrong for having a different opinion. I just hope that's there's some justice for Aj.

  13. dollarstorespecialApril 17, 2015 at 12:09 PM

    I don't have a clear picture of who may be responsible for her demise. What does stick out to me is the barely-suppressed anger issues that Zach's blog have revealed-including throwing a lawn mower around violently (10 times?) in front of his children.
    That is scary.

  14. dollarstorespecialApril 17, 2015 at 2:28 PM

    Wow. Posted on websleuths a few minutes ago:


    Verified Family AJ Hadsell

    Join DateMar 2015Posts171

    Websleuth friends. Please take a moment to look at the pictures of Anjelica I have posted on my Facebook.
    Get to know the real Anjelica. Not the softball superstar, or the
    glamor photos. Just the beautiful girls that is Anjelica Marie.
    Tomorrow is a service organized by her mother, at 1p. Remember her with
    us at that time too please. Thank you so much for all you do.

  15. Green is the colourApril 17, 2015 at 6:56 PM

    It's all about Zach Hoffer!! This FB post, the obsessing posts about AJ and the recent posts about him pouting and acting like a child just proves to me how childish, creepy and mentally unstable he is. Those photos that we have been seeing of AJ are beautiful and shows how much her "real"family were proud of her. I'll be treating Hoffers posts like he's a troll from now on, someone that's just looking for attention and trouble.


    Is this your interview? Doesn't it seem like Hyatt makes an effort to not credit you?

  17. Why is Peter Hyatt posting your interview w/o giving you any credit?


  19. Statement analysis blog. deleting my links

  20. ChelseaHoffman.ComApril 18, 2015 at 4:28 PM

    A lot of people make use of my intellectual property without attributing me. Though I do find it strange that someone like the "Statement analysis" guy would be so... dishonest. And that is pretty dishonest behavior to delete any attempt at attributing my work to me. Sounds like he has a personal problem with me, but I don't know what. I don't know him, so I don't know.

    I am familiar with his work, though. It's entertaining. Not necessarily always accurate, but very entertaining.

  21. I posted in the comments section that it was your interview and he deleted that!

  22. ChelseaHoffman.ComApril 19, 2015 at 10:01 AM

    Sounds like someone else who doesn't like me, yet he has no problem making use of my work lol

  23. Green is the colourApril 19, 2015 at 7:24 PM

    Peter Hyatt is a fraud and belongs to the flat earth society.

  24. ChelseaHoffman.ComApril 19, 2015 at 7:32 PM

    I wouldn't go that far. I don't know him, and people say that about me too and it's insultingly wrong.

    At any rate, he SHOULD be ashamed of using my work without attribution, but what can ya do? I'm too busy to care about that shit.

  25. Green is the colourApril 19, 2015 at 7:40 PM

    Hey Chelsea, I didn't know who he was so I had to look him up and the general consensus is that he's a Freud. I've seen what people have written about you and that seems to be only one place , they will say anything about anyone that don't agree with them. I can make up my own mind about people and not jump on the band wagon just to "Fit In"

  26. dollarstorespecialApril 25, 2015 at 12:35 AM

    There seems to be a 'crucify wesley hadsell' mob out there online and it has become embarrassing and overly cruel. People need to slow down. If it turns out there is enough evidence to indict him, so be it. I feel sorry for jen and her children. I hope they are not reading anything online. At the same time, I hope LE is. Wes is only one of several family members to study-much less a stranger scenario or OD which has been suggested.

  27. dollarstorespecialApril 30, 2015 at 2:42 AM

    ZH charged with trespassing-hmm.

    Norfolk-Criminal General District Court

    Case Number :


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