Anjelica Hadsell's remains found: My thoughts

The search for Anjelica Hadsell is over, and on note that has a lot of people horrified. Her remains were discovered yesterday in the backyard of a home in Franklin, Virginia. By this afternoon, those remains were confirmed as hers with a positive identification made by a coroner. However, a cause of death has yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, her adoptive father Wesley has been notified of the gruesome discovery, and he is now declining all options for interview with the media.

He also has not called me.

That hasn't surprised me much. His attorney said that he won't be speaking anymore on the case, so I didn't expect any further "on the record" conversations with him. Of course, I do still intend on talking to him again in some form or the other. Maybe in the future he'll be willing to continue our interview series. After all, he expressed a deep desire to share his back-story with me (and the public), and he expressed the need to clear his name.

Before I dive into this post, I want to remind my readers that this is part of an ongoing series about the Anjelica Hadsell case. Please read through the following posts before you read this one, to get caught up to speed:

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I also want to remind everybody that on Sunday night (April 12) at 6:00 p.m., PST, I will be hosting a live podcast about this case, covering the latest developments regarding the disappearance and presumed murder of Anjelica Hadsell. I will also be playing sound bytes from my last phone discussion with her adoptive father Wesley Hadsell. If you're interested in listening to the full, uncut raw interview, the audio can be purchased for $1.00 via the "jailhouse interviews" tab.

Who put AJ behind the house in Franklin, Virginia?

It's clear that she didn't put herself where her remains were found. The house where her remains were found appears to had been abandoned for a lengthy span of time -- long enough to be overgrown with grass and weeds. As you can see from the promo image (shown above) for Sunday's podcast, the top photo shows the same home, looking more well-kempt. Here is a larger photo (which was apparently taken in April 2009, according to Google Maps).

A search of property records reveals that this property may have last been owned by Aprille and Adam Russell, who are affiliated somehow with Tony Stokes, who had used the home as a base for a home business -- Stokes Construction. On the surface this is of immediate suspicion, since Wesley Hadsell's sister's last name is Stokes. However, a cursory search on Tony Stokes doesn't return any connection to the man's sister. Nonetheless, it's definitely something that raises concern.

Something of interest does come to mind with the discovery of AJ's remains, and that's the above image. Note that there is a white car in the carport in the image (again, taken in 2009). Wesley Hadsell said in his first interview with me that a white car was seen around the time that AJ was last seen. A deeper search for Tony Stokes shows his most recent address (which I will not post in case he is currently residing there). The Google street view of his most recent address shows a white four-door car parked in the driveway, as well as a black and silver SUV (that may or may not easily be mistaken for a van by someone not good at identifying vehicles).

How did Anjelica Hadsell die?

As I stated above, her cause of death has not yet been released by authorities. However, I must note that her cause of death may lend a hand in the investigation. That means we may not be told the cause until authorities are close to a solution in her case. For those of you who suspect her adoptive father Wesley Hadsell, he was indeed busted for unlawful possession of gun ammunition. The gun to which the ammo matches has not yet been found. He told police that they "will never find the gun." That in and of itself puts him in the light of suspicion, and makes it impossible not to speculate on the possibility that AJ met her demise at the barrel of a gun. I believe her cause of death will shed light on the circumstances surrounding why she died and who killed her. Of course, that's strictly saying that she was murdered. Police still -- as of now -- have not confirmed if her death was caused by foul play.

I want to remain unbiased in this case, but the more I see the harder it is to ignore certain elements. Nonetheless, I am going to remain quiet until I see what homicide detectives have gathered. All the circumstantial evidence in the world doesn't necessarily mean someone is guilty -- no matter how guilty you believe they are. I need to see the forensic evidence. I want to see DNA, fiber analysis, etc., etc., etc. I'm not saying these things to be facetious. I am taking the stance that I am taking because it is simply the most appropriate stance to take given my agenda.

I realize that this may disappoint people, but understand that I am a criminal profiler. Take that FWIW.


  1. The gun was found. It was in the A/C vent in his motel room.

  2. ChelseaHoffman.ComApril 10, 2015 at 11:29 PM

    No. The ammo was in the ac vent. He told authorities that they'd never find the gun. They still haven't.

  3. Very well said. Looking forward to your podcast tomorrow

  4. Curious as to why "Now" you are charging to hear the video that you posted weeks ago and it was free ? Are you actually supporting Mr. Hadsell while he is in jail ?

  5. ChelseaHoffman.ComApril 12, 2015 at 1:38 PM

    I'm not supporting anybody, but the phone calls between us DO cost money.

  6. Wether Wes or Jen had anything to do with AJ's disappearance and final resting place is actually irrelevant at this point. AJ's life was taken by someone as she didn't walk to where she was discovered. With that being said, speculating at all the deception and unique reactions on and off the camera only add fuel to a fire that has been lit with gasoline. Let the NPD do their job and bring the evidence to bear. I don't want to see someon wrongly convicted or let go by a technicality. It's a good thing Wes lawyers up, because his deceptions and media voice hasn't been in his favor. Likewise for Jen, as she needed a spokesman from day one in my opinion.

  7. This is different from the one weeks ago. This is his interview after he was in jail


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