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Apr 27, 2015

As many of you already know, I communicate with prison inmates from time to time via written correspondence. In particular, I correspond with convicted murderers and serial killers in order to study them and learn about them for my own personal enrichment. Well, I've decided that the next inmate I will begin writing letters to is none other than Jodi Arias.

I have many questions for the woman convicted of killing Travis Alexander -- and I'm sure all of you do too. One of the main questions I want to ask -- and that's been requested that I ask by fans on the Case to Case fan page -- is whether or not she'd do it again given the chance.

I'll keep you guys posted on any updates -- if I receive any responses from Jodi.

Apr 25, 2015

Warning: The following photos depict imagery that is unsuitable for some readers. Please do not read further if you are easily distressed or if you have a weak stomach.

The murder of Travis Alexander was a brutal and horrific event that still has people shocked even seven years later. Jodi Arias has been convicted of that murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, closing the case once and for all. Even though this case is closed, the photos of the crime scene and autopsy exist as a reminder of the brutality he suffered at the hands of a woman who claimed to love him.

Apr 17, 2015

What happened to Ashley Pegram? The South Carolina woman has been missing now for longer than two weeks in a case that has only recently made it to media reports. She disappeared after going on a date with a man she'd met on the messenger app Kik, but he claims that he kicked her out of his car because she was too drunk.

That man has been identified as Edward Bonilla, and he's been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice -- for lying to authorities and misleading people in the search for the missing woman. I wrote about the details of this arrest, along with the rest of the case in this Inquisitr article.

Apr 15, 2015

Charlie Ely is being represented by Jose Baez now, the attorney famously known for getting Casey Anthony acquitted. This is good news because Baez is actually a pretty good attorney who is known for getting his clients out of trouble -- regardless of the polarity that surrounds some of these cases. Baez is the best friend Ely can get right now, especially at a time when others involved in her case are getting appeals.

Charlie is one of two young women convicted as accomplices in the horrific murder of 15-year-old Seath Jackson. The teen was lured to the home inhabited by Ely, where a group of teens beat and shot him to death, before burning him in a fire pit until he was ashes. His ashes were then put into paint cans in a crime that was one of the most gruesome committed by young people in recent Florida history.

There is one problem with the case, though: Charlie never physically committed any part of the murder.

No updates yet in Anjelica Hadsell's case -- no cause of death, no arrests and no official suspects declared (yet) by authorities with the Norfolk Police Dept. However, the past several weeks have revealed a motley crew of characters that once surrounded this young woman -- in particular, three men who have all been in her life as father figures.

Apr 14, 2015

Maryland parents Danielle and Sasha Meitiv are under public scrutiny right now because of their unorthodox views on parenting -- and I'm using the word "parenting" very loosely. They've been in the media before for allowing their children to wander freely without adult supervision, even in situations where it would seem completely inappropriate by normal standards. Back in January they were investigated for child neglect for allowing their very young children (ages 10 and 6) walk home, even using subways by their selves. Now they're being accused of the same thing all over again -- to no surprise -- for leaving  the two youngsters alone at a park. Just last month they were both found negligent by Child Protective Services -- yet these kids were not removed from the home. What will happen now?

Apr 10, 2015

The search for Anjelica Hadsell is over, and on note that has a lot of people horrified. Her remains were discovered yesterday in the backyard of a home in Franklin, Virginia. By this afternoon, those remains were confirmed as hers with a positive identification made by a coroner. However, a cause of death has yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, her adoptive father Wesley has been notified of the gruesome discovery, and he is now declining all options for interview with the media.

He also has not called me.

That hasn't surprised me much. His attorney said that he won't be speaking anymore on the case, so I didn't expect any further "on the record" conversations with him. Of course, I do still intend on talking to him again in some form or the other. Maybe in the future he'll be willing to continue our interview series. After all, he expressed a deep desire to share his back-story with me (and the public), and he expressed the need to clear his name.

Apr 9, 2015

Summer before her disappearance (left) Mystery woman shown on recent security footage (right)
Ashley Nicole Summers disappeared from Cleveland, Ohio on July 9, 2007. She was only 14-years-old at the time of her disappearance, from a neighborhood that had been in national media headlines for close to four years regarding the disappearances of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Of course, back then nobody could be prepared to know that their neighbor Ariel Castro had been keeping 'The Cleveland Three' captive in his own house of horrors.

When Amanda, Gina and Michelle were rescued from Ariel Castro's basement, Ashley's case gained revived attention. That's because it was rumored that Castro may have kidnapped her as well. In fact, when the Cleveland Three were rescued, the words R.I.P. Ashley were allegedly found on the basement wall. This inspired at least one renewed search for Summers, but nothing panned out as you probably suspect by now. Here it is now in 2015, and Ashley still hasn't been found, but hope has been renewed once more.

Apr 2, 2015

I've already written about my thoughts on the disappearance of Denise Huskins, but that was back before she resurfaced and before authorities in California declared her so called kidnapping a 'hoax.' I've been watching the developments of this case since she was found safe, and it's become more than apparent that this girl has some serious issues -- but what exactly are those issues?

This case has become a story stranger than fiction with all the twists and turns of a Hollywood script. In fact, there are elements in this case that are inspired by the over-the-top plots found in movies like Gone Girl and Ocean's 11 -- and anonymous emails have even mentioned at least one of those movies. To avoid being redundant, you can read all the details of this case in the following timeline. This post is going to focus more on my thoughts surrounding the facts as they're known.