Where have all the posts gone?

Some of you may be wondering where the past four years of posts have gone. Yes, they've been deleted, but there is a reason behind this. In the beginning -- back in 2011 -- I used Adsense advertisements on this blog to monetize my posts. However, after a short time using Adsense, ads were blocked from my blog. This is because of the lack of filter used by both myself, guest bloggers and comments made by readers. In other words, the level of profanity on this blog violated Adsense's terms of use.

For the past four years, I've chosen to let this blog stay in that direction, choosing not to have Adsense on the blog. That was until about two months ago. I was given the opportunity to have Adsense turned back on, but I had to clean the blog up and remove all signs of profanity from it. So, without really putting much thought into it, I deleted almost every blog post.

I've realized I shouldn't have done that. It was lame of me to delete years of written analysis. It was lame for me to do this in hopes of getting Adsense turned back on this blog. I have Adsense on my other blogs, and I get paid for my writing elsewhere.

So, I've decided to get back to basics on the Case to Case blog.

You know what that means. ;) 


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