Mar 16, 2015

Sahray Barber case profile -- Foul play apparent

Sahray Barber has been missing now for a week, and unfortunately the updates in her case indicate that she's the victim of foul play -- even if law enforcement officials are being extra careful to avoid this wording. Detectives have announced that there are two persons of interest in her disappearance, but they have not identified these POIs, nor have they clarified on any information surrounding them. However, it should be noted that by the fact that there even are persons of interest in this disappearance, it's obvious that foul play is suspected.

So what do I think happened to Sahray? 

I think by now it's becoming obvious that she is not missing voluntarily. Her laptop and cellphone were found in some bushes in her apartment complex, which indicates to me that she never made it away from her complex the morning she was last seen -- when she reportedly left on foot for work a week ago. Two persons of interest could mean that a couple -- male & female -- are behind her disappearance. Of course, it could mean the opposite as well. These persons of interest haven't been identified, but if Sahray never left her apartment complex (as evidence shows me) then this could mean that the persons of interest either live in or near the same complex.

There aren't any more details available in this case, so there isn't much room left for speculation -- aside from the obvious fear surrounding recent Cal State campus attacks. There have been at least one report each of an attempted sexual assault and attempted abduction of coeds on the campus -- which is just across the street from Sahray's apartment complex.

Officials in San Bernardino have their work cut out for them in this disappearance.

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