Mar 30, 2015

Part II: My thoughts on Anjelica Hadsell disappearance

The past couple of weeks have proven interesting in Anjelica Hadsell's case, and I don't want you guys to think that I've stopped paying attention. I've been busy with other projects, but have also been silently observing the developments as they're reported in this case. The following post will focus on Wesley Hadsell and his wife Jennifer Busby Hadsell. Right now, both of these parents are under scrutiny (for differing reasons, of course) while AJ remains missing with no new information coming from authorities.

People are apparently divided on their opinions regarding the mother of AJ Hadsell. That's because many are taken aback by Jennifer Busby Hadsell's recent on-camera confrontation with a local news crew. She reportedly shouted at them and essentially kicked them off of her property after Wesley Hadsell had declared in a jailhouse interview that he wanted more media time dedicated to AJ's case. Some people believe that she's acting suspiciously, especially since she's been extremely quiet over the course of Anjelica's case. From day-one Wesley has been the one talking in the media, in apparent control of the family's interaction with reporters and interviews. Jennifer had only spoken once or twice -- never on camera -- only sharing that she was suspicious of text messages that may or may not have come from AJ.

Meanwhile, Wesley Hadsell remains jailed on numerous charges including obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of ammunition. More details have come out about his arrest, which definitely throw him right into the spotlight as a suspicious character in his adoptive daughter's disappearance. It's been revealed that a scale with cocaine residue was also found when he was arrested, and he had hidden the gun ammunition in the vent of the air conditioner in the motel room where he had been staying. Come to find out -- confirmed through authorities and mainstream media -- he and Jennifer Busby Hadsell had been separated. However, it is not known for a fact yet if they were separated before or after Anjelica's disappearance. However, I must note that at the time of our interview he did not indicate in any way that they were separated. Instead, he strongly indicated that his family unit was strongly bonded.

Wesley reportedly admitted to "increasing his cocaine use," -- a revelation that is definitely a troublesome one. He also reportedly told police that they would never find the gun that goes with the ammunition that police found hidden in the AC vent. 

On the surface these details look extremely suspicious. They are disturbing details that leave Wesley completely open to speculation regarding whether or not he was involved in Anjelica's disappearance. Police have been careful not to call him a suspect in his adoptive daughter's case, but he has admitted on camera that police directly accused him of involvement. Nonetheless, police have also somewhat confirmed some of what Wesley had told me during our interview (which can be heard hear in case you missed it). During our interview, Wesley told me that authorities had interrogated a "possible person of interest" at least three times. He said that his daughter's jacket was found in this person's home. Of course, the truth of the matter is that he found the jacket after he reportedly entered the person's home illegally.

 Police have confirmed that he broke into the home of a person they had interrogated. So they acknowledge that someone was interrogated, but this person's name still hasn't been publicized. This minor fact indicates that Wesley's interview may not have been completely full of lies. So there is still a possibility that Wesley isn't actually a suspect, but someone who is impeding the investigation surrounding actual suspects. That's just a thought to consider, nothing more.

Some discussion on social media alludes to the idea that Wesley had threatened people prior to his arrest, including the person who lives in the home that Wesley had broken into. However, prosecutors have specifically said that "four people knew about the home break-in, and therefore felt threatened." This doesn't necessarily mean that he literally threatened any person(s). However, that doesn't mean that these four people didn't have reason to feel threatened. I was just trying to draw attention to the possible difference in wordage used in media, vs social media gossip.

Who do we trust in Anjelica Hadsell's disappearance?

Is her mom behaving strangely or is her adoptive father behaving strangely? The simple answer to this 'both and neither.' What I mean is that it's hard to gauge with 100% certainty who is being the grieving parent when Anjelica vanished nearly a month ago. On one hand, Wesley appears to be showing the
most emotion regarding the disappearance of his adoptive daughter. He's cried, shedding actual tears, and he's begged for attention to be given to her disappearance. However, this behavior could be indicative of guilt just as it could be indicative of innocence -- depending on the situation. The same can be said of Jennifer's behavior. However, I feel in my gut that she's just a stressed out mother who is going through an apparent separation from her husband at the same time that her daughter has gone missing. She's under the watchful eye of a scrutinizing public and the story-hungry media. She's under a lot of pressure and is probably coping with it in this way because everyone copes with trouble differently.

I still want to believe that Wesley is a stressed father who is having a hard time handling the disappearance of his daughter. If you completely subtract his criminal record from the equation, his behavior would probably be understandable, and maybe even defensible up to a point. After all, it's not uncommon for father's of missing girls/women to kind of go off the deep end. An example of this could be the Heather Elvis disappearance. Her father Terry Elvis has come close to inciting vigilante justice numerous times. How he's avoided arrest is beyond me. The point is that these things do happen, especially when a father is very devoted as a father to the girls in his life.

However, Wesley's behavior can also be indicative of criminality. His comment that police will never find the gun that went with the 9mm ammo that was in his possession just doesn't sit right with me at all. It's possible that the gun could have been intended for someone he suspects to be responsible for AJ's disappearance, but there is also another possibility -- and I think that it's rather obvious without having to spell it out. The bottom line: Police need to look for that gun, while they're looking for Anjelica. They should also consider administering polygraph tests where necessary.

I have a lot more to say, but that's coming in a different post...