My thoughts on the Noah Terry Thomas disappearance

Update: As of 3/26/2015 the body of missing child Noah Thomas has been found. The details surrounding the tragic discovery only further stick out to me as suspicious. How did he get there? Did someone put him there? Read more here.

Virginia child Noah Terry Thomas has been missing now for a handful of days under circumstances that are a little questionable. Police officials -- along with volunteers -- have searched the wooded area surrounding his home for days with no success, not even picking up any scent with search dogs or any evidence indicating that he ever wandered through the area. These details concern me since the story being given by the boy's family involve him wandering out of his home while he was supposed to be watching television on Sunday morning. Here we are three days later. So where is the evidence supporting the current story?

I want to examine the circumstances surrounding this child's disappearance, and take a look at the various theories in his case that can be considered. Did this child really wander away on his own into the dangers of the great outdoors -- or did he fall victim to foul play?

Noah's mother told authorities that she brought the child with her when she drove her husband to work on Sunday morning. She said that it was around or before 7:00 a.m. Between that time and approximately 9:30-10:00 a.m., she realized that the lad was missing. 

It is assumed that Noah wandered out of the home, but no evidence has been published in the media to confirm this without a shadow of a doubt.

Authorities have declared that the boy's parents have been cooperative in the search and investigation, but what hasn't been addressed is whether or not the mother or the father have taken polygraph tests to clear them of involvement. Since authorities have expressed frustration that there have been no developments in the search over the past three days, it seems like common sense to at least clear them of misleading authorities. Now, let me clarify that this post is meant in no way whatsoever to accuse the family as their community searches for their lost child. However, it's a statistical fact that most crimes against children are indeed committed by custodial relatives -- in particular, parents. It's important to clear them of involvement, at the very least, to make sure that every avenue has been exhausted in the search for Noah.

Furthermore, if Noah was able to wander off and disappear so mysteriously -- what was his mother doing in this amount of time that she was unaware of what her son was doing? Keep in mind that there is a window of time from a little after 7:00 a.m., until around 10:00 a.m. -- around three hours, give or take.


  1. According to the poster they put out, Noah was said to have been wearing a camouflage jacket with skulls, black pants with yellow stripes and San Diego Chargers jersey #21.
    If Noah had just wandered off or if taken from the home, would he have had his jacket? It is possible, but being around kids that age, most would more than likely just walk out the door without putting on a coat. Just a thought.

  2. They say there is no evidence of foul play??? Um... a child just wanders off an no one in the community finds him dead or alive? It wasn't freezing out and there was no pond for him to fall in, so how far could he get? It is so unlikely for a five year old to wander off alone. Most kids loved electronics and are more than happy to play on a cell phone or watch tv. So he didn't leave voluntarily. If someone had come in, they may have lured him away quietly, but people would feel more fixed on the intruder theory if the police would say whether or not they have cleared the parents.

  3. In reports Noah was wearing "A camouflage jacket, black pants with a yellow stripe, and Spiderman boots."

  4. Good point about this being the biological Mom. Dublin has a higher then normal number of registered sex offenders. Two were in the immediate area ( a few blocks from the house), but the parents both had revoked or suspended licenses in the past year. That doesn't make them model citizens. One can only imagine, given that Mom was conveniently asleep for all those hours- that she may not be a model parent. This case reminds me too much of the Haleigh Cummings case in Florida- where the young girlfriend of the Dad was in the home with Haleigh when she just vanished. That chid was never found.


  6. Ohhhhh noooo! They found him



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