My thoughts on the Denise Huskins disappearance

Update: She has been found, safe and unharmed, still claiming to had been kidnapped. Read the report here. It looks like both Denise and her boyfriend were in on a kidnapping hoax in an attempt to extort a large amount of money. 
Right now authorities in Vallejo, California are looking for Denise Huskins. The 30-year-old woman has been missing since Tuesday afternoon under some downright strange circumstances. Her boyfriend reported her missing at close to 2:00 p.m., telling authorities that she was forcefully kidnapped, and is being held for ransom. He said that her kidnappers -- who have not been identified or described in any way in the media -- took her in her own car. The car has since been found, believed to had been driven away from where she was allegedly kidnapped, and dumped. If you're feeling suspicious about this, you're not alone.

Authorities have announced that this missing woman's boyfriend has been questioned, but it hasn't been confirmed regarding whether or not he's been cleared or if police even buy his claims. Meanwhile, the FBI and other agencies are involved in the search and are indeed treating this like a kidnapping for ransom situation.

There are many details not available yet to the public -- details that can paint a clearer picture of what may have happened to Denise Huskins. However, it's important to note that most crimes against women are committed by romantic partners, and in most cases police suspect the last person to see a missing person. In this case, the last person to see Denise was her boyfriend -- which is of immediate concern. However, the fact that agencies are treating this as reported is a concern as well.

Who would want to kidnap a woman and hold her for ransom? Right now my thoughts are clouded with suspicion toward the last person to see her before this strange, random disappearance. Until evidence proves otherwise, I'm just not sure I believe the reported details in this case so far.


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