#BringAJHome -- The podcast and what you missed

Sunday night missing woman Anjelica Hadsell's father Wesley called the show and gave a 30 minute interview about her disappearance. During the course of the interview he shared information that's never before been shared with the public in hopes of bringing more attention to his daughter's case while pointing out that the police are indeed onto someone -- though the identity of the possible person of interest isn't being shared for the solidarity of the investigation.

No outside sources were discussed, so there aren't any links to share in this post. However, I encourage all of you who are reading this to listen to the archived podcast by clicking here.

Key points mentioned by Wesley Hadsell about AJ's case:
  • AJ's jacket may have been found in someone's possession, but police have not 100% confirmed this with the public.
  • Someone may have planted the bits of credit/debit card belonging to AJ that were found over the course of the search for her.
What do you think happened to Anjelica Hadsell? 


  1. I thought the detective said it was not verified as the missing jacket? And then WH cut him off. Why would the parent of a missing girl cut off a detective from revealing critical info about one's missing child? ALSO, how did WH get back to work after he dropped off the red truck? Was his brother there with him?

  2. "From the gofundme page: My daughter helped people and gave 100 percent in everything life offered. Athlete, scholar , friend, daughter, girlfriend. So why give money to my cause and my families?"

    That last word is PLURAL. Wesley has several families. Did Wesley really give AJ $200 to spend on her boyfriend when he has multiple families to support?

    Why should anyone give money to help Wesley's other family when this family isn't related to missing teenager AJ?


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