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Part II: My thoughts on Anjelica Hadsell disappearance

The past couple of weeks have proven interesting in Anjelica Hadsell's case, and I don't want you guys to think that I've stopped paying attention. I've been busy with other projects, but have also been silently observing the developments as they're reported in this case. The following post will focus on Wesley Hadsell and his wife Jennifer Busby Hadsell. Right now, both of these parents are under scrutiny (for differing reasons, of course) while AJ remains missing with no new information coming from authorities.

Justice denied: My thoughts on the Amanda Knox verdict

Unless you're living under a rock, you know by now that Amanda Knox has been acquitted for the final time in the slaying of Meredith Kercher. The highest court in Italy overturned her conviction, absolving her of involvement in the death of her former roommate, granting Knox the ultimate freedom she has sought since she was reconvicted. I realize that a lot of people are excited about the verdict and are happy for Ms. Knox, but I still feel strongly in my belief that she is not fully innocent when it comes to this horrific murder.

In other words, I believe there was no justice in Italy on Friday night. The system completely failed Meredith Kercher.

My thoughts on the Noah Terry Thomas disappearance

Update: As of 3/26/2015 the body of missing child Noah Thomas has been found. The details surrounding the tragic discovery only further stick out to me as suspicious. How did he get there? Did someone put him there? Read more here.

Virginia child Noah Terry Thomas has been missing now for a handful of days under circumstances that are a little questionable. Police officials -- along with volunteers -- have searched the wooded area surrounding his home for days with no success, not even picking up any scent with search dogs or any evidence indicating that he ever wandered through the area. These details concern me since the story being given by the boy's family involve him wandering out of his home while he was supposed to be watching television on Sunday morning. Here we are three days later. So where is the evidence supporting the current story?

I want to examine the circumstances surrounding this child's disappearance, and take a look at the various theories in his case that…

My thoughts on the Denise Huskins disappearance

Update: She has been found, safe and unharmed, still claiming to had been kidnapped. Read the report here. It looks like both Denise and her boyfriend were in on a kidnapping hoax in an attempt to extort a large amount of money.  Right now authorities in Vallejo, California are looking for Denise Huskins. The 30-year-old woman has been missing since Tuesday afternoon under some downright strange circumstances. Her boyfriend reported her missing at close to 2:00 p.m., telling authorities that she was forcefully kidnapped, and is being held for ransom. He said that her kidnappers -- who have not been identified or described in any way in the media -- took her in her own car. The car has since been found, believed to had been driven away from where she was allegedly kidnapped, and dumped. If you're feeling suspicious about this, you're not alone.

Part II: My thoughts on Wesley Hadsell

I felt the need to clarify some things after I wrote the post My thoughts on the arrest of Wesley Hadsell, because it seems that some of you believe that I've somehow changed my opinion or mind -- sentiment that makes no sense, since I've done a pretty good job of not sharing a definitive opinion.

I'm going to do this in FAQ form to try to make it easier to understand for those of you who are having such a hard time. I've seen some comments lately that are falsely attributing ideas and opinions to me because some people chose to interpret my writing in a way that wasn't quite accurate.

My thoughts on the arrest of Wesley Hadsell

Today the adoptive father of Anjelica Hadsell was arrested on numerous charges -- none of which necessarily declaring him as a suspect in AJ's disappearance, however. Wesley Hadsell has been charged with four charges of obstructing justice, a charge of breaking and entering and a charge of possessing gun ammunition (illegal since he's a convicted felon) -- six charges in all, so far.

Before I begin with this post, I want to repeat that I have reserved judgment over whether or not I suspect Wesley in the disappearance of his daughter ( -- note -- readers have taken issue with me referring to her as his daughter, but that is how her family identifies with him). I have refused to judge him based on his past, because I am a firm believer in the idea that a person's past doesn't necessarily define every move they make in the future. However, I am also more than aware that human beings are creatures of habit, and with many personality types their past actions can very well …

Where have all the posts gone?

Some of you may be wondering where the past four years of posts have gone. Yes, they've been deleted, but there is a reason behind this. In the beginning -- back in 2011 -- I used Adsense advertisements on this blog to monetize my posts. However, after a short time using Adsense, ads were blocked from my blog. This is because of the lack of filter used by both myself, guest bloggers and comments made by readers. In other words, the level of profanity on this blog violated Adsense's terms of use.

For the past four years, I've chosen to let this blog stay in that direction, choosing not to have Adsense on the blog. That was until about two months ago. I was given the opportunity to have Adsense turned back on, but I had to clean the blog up and remove all signs of profanity from it. So, without really putting much thought into it, I deleted almost every blog post.

I've realized I shouldn't have done that. It was lame of me to delete years of written analysis. It was…

My thoughts on the Anjelica Hadsell disappearance

Update 3/21/2015 -- Read my thoughts on the latest shocking update in this case: The arrest of Wesley Hadsell.
By now many of you are aware of the disappearance of Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell. The Norfolk, Virginia teen vanished on March 3rd, leaving behind just enough evidence to inspire concern that she's fallen victim to foul play. Some of you have had a ton of questions pertaining to her family, and of course the rumor mill is spinning out of control with this case like with every other high profile disappearance. That is why I dedicated Sunday's podcast to her case, and invited her father Wesley on the broadcast to talk about her case. I hoped that Wesley would be able to answer some of the numerous questions that have circulated over the course of the past couple of weeks.

In fact, Wesley provided more than I could have ever hoped for in a live interview. Even though he couldn't reveal a lot of sensitive information -- such as names -- he was able to reveal infor…

Sahray Barber case profile -- Foul play apparent

Sahray Barber has been missing now for a week, and unfortunately the updates in her case indicate that she's the victim of foul play -- even if law enforcement officials are being extra careful to avoid this wording. Detectives have announced that there are two persons of interest in her disappearance, but they have not identified these POIs, nor have they clarified on any information surrounding them. However, it should be noted that by the fact that there even are persons of interest in this disappearance, it's obvious that foul play is suspected.

So what do I think happened to Sahray? 

#BringAJHome -- The podcast and what you missed

Sunday night missing woman Anjelica Hadsell's father Wesley called the show and gave a 30 minute interview about her disappearance. During the course of the interview he shared information that's never before been shared with the public in hopes of bringing more attention to his daughter's case while pointing out that the police are indeed onto someone -- though the identity of the possible person of interest isn't being shared for the solidarity of the investigation.

No outside sources were discussed, so there aren't any links to share in this post. However, I encourage all of you who are reading this to listen to the archived podcast by clicking here.

Coming up on Sunday: So many missing women!

There are so many women missing lately that it looks like 2015 is shaping up to be another tragic year for many families. Tune in on Sunday, March 15th at 6:00 p.m., PST. The Case to Case podcast will focus on missing women.

Special guest: Wesley Hadsell, father of missing woman Anjelica Hadsell.

As always, the line will be open and I will be taking calls live during the broadcast. If you want to discuss a missing person's case or have any other questions or comments, feel free to call in during the show on Sunday.

#JessicaChambers unsolved murder -- The podcast and what you missed

The #JessicaChambers podcast lasted approximately 30 minutes with no calls, but the questions on Twitter, etc were plentiful. Unfortunately, I could not answer these questions because I know as much about the case as anyone else -- In fact, less than anyone else. The purpose of Sunday night's show was to acknowledge that I hear all of you guys in regards to this case, and I intend on researching and looking further into the elements surrounding it. Watching some of the arguments on Twitter using the #JessicaChambers hashtag, I'm curious as to what detectives actually believe, or if they're even interested.

I also intend on doing followup posts like this after every week's show, like I used to before the reboot.

Don't miss 'The Murder of Jessica Chambers' on Sunday!