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The Heather Elvis podcast: What you missed

Sunday's podcast (1/18/2015) was about the Heather Elvis disappearance. Since nothing has changed since the last time I addressed this case, there wasn't much to cover. However, the aunt of suspect Tammy Caison-Moorer called the show during the live broadcast and she shared her opinion on the case while arguing that Tammy and Sidney are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, the audio for the phone call was not working well, and I was unable to loop her voice into the recording. I apologize for this operator error and promise that I will try not to make the same mistake next week (or ever again).

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the podcast and to read the blog. Until next time (!!) ...

Women: Will you be able to defend yourself if the time comes?

Nobody wants to believe that it could happen to them, but it can. You could be walking from your office to your car, or from a shop through a not-so-packed parking garage. You may find yourself walking home alone at night after a night of drinking. Whatever the scenario may be, there are multiple times in our lives that we've left ourselves open for predators to take advantage of us. While some of us carry firearms and knives for protection, there are some of us who would rather opt for a nonlethal product for self defense.

Among the numerous product choices available to women, the official TASER brand taser is the best option. I've recently discovered the TASER C2 kit, which comes in a variety of colors. It's small enough to fit in a purse and sturdy enough to delivery a painful jolt to someone who may pose a threat. It's also pretty lightweight and not at all bulky. the red comes with a bumper that can be customized at the choice of the buyer: black, blue, red, yell…

Don't miss the Heather Elvis podcast

The Podcast: Israel Keyes

Sunday - January 11, 2015

The Case to Case podcast this week was about serial killer Israel Keyes and the crimes he committed. During the show I played a previously recorded interview between the mother of a young man who was wrongly accused in the disappearance of Keyes' last victim Samantha Koenig. However, the interview was cut short due to time, so you may listen to the full interview by clicking here and listening to it on Soundcloud.

Unfortunately the show was cut short due to a lack of time available. I could have gone an hour talking with callers and discussing various things, but unfortunately it had to end. I also couldn't get to the rest of what I wanted to talk about regarding Israel Keyes. So I will be hosting a second half of this show down the road.