The Case to Case Podcast 2015 -- How to listen and participate

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The Case to Case Podcast is coming back for 2015, with a slight format and schedule change that differs from the past year. There are also changes to how you will be listening (and participating) that are quite different from before. For starters, I am now taking advantage of Google's Live Hangout system for broadcasting the podcast. That means guests can connect with webcams and microphones or just microphones and/or headsets to take part in the show. This will make the format of the show much like when it was hosted by BlogTalkRadio (click here to listen to the past shows), but instead of using your phone, you'll simply sign-in to a Google account (whether it be yours or an anonymous one).  Google Live Hangouts is a far more superior system than BlogTalkRadio's switchboard system -- though I do like the UI on BTR, as it's designed to make you feel like you're working in a studio for a radio station or something to that effect.

Every month, around the 1st, but no later than the 5th, I will post a schedule here on the Case to Case blog. The schedule will outline the details of each show for the month (there should be at least four shows per month -- i.e., one per week). Each episode listed on the schedule will come with an active link, which you will need to bookmark (or you can simply subscribe to my Youtube channel so that you're reminded when I go live). Use the schedule to determine whether or not you'll be tuning in to my show to participate with the live podcast, or if you'd rather listen later.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Case to Case podcast. During the live shows you will have the option to use the live chat function to ask me questions and make comments if you do not have a webcam or microphone. If you have a webcam and mic, you can jump right into the show and say/ask whatever you want. However, a webcam is not required. You can also jump right in with a microphone. Live Hangouts also has a cool "applause" feature for participants, but I've never used it. In other words, Google has made sure to streamline the podcasting process, eliminating the need for me to use BTR or any other platform.

As always I'm available to hear your suggestions, so hit me up on twitter @CHProfiler or message me via the official Case to Case Facebook page. Also, please don't forget to subscribe to my current events blog CrimeSceneMedia.Com!


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