Case to Case Podcast JANUARY Schedule

All shows air on Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m., PST, (that's Pacific Standard Time). If you're in a diff time zone and you need to figure out the time difference just Google "Time in Nevada," then figure out the difference.

Jan 4, 2015: Is Bill Cosby a rapist? Join the podcast and turn it into a discussion. Did Bill Cosby rape all those women or is he the victim?  Click here to bookmark the event page. Alternatively, you can bookmark the promo page that will also go live here on the Case to Case blog. Or, you know, you can just click the image above this description.

Jan 11, 2015: Serial killer news talk. The latest serial killers and their victims. All serial killer related topics discussed.

Jan 18, 2015: The Heather Elvis case. Who is truly responsible for this missing woman's disappearance? Are the two suspects currently behind bars the ones actually responsible, or are they being railroaded by corrupt police in a region notoriously inept at solving these kinds of cases? Tune in on this special Case to Case podcast and participate via Google Live Hangouts.

Jan 25, 2015: Open mic night. Anything goes, and the discussion can cover pretty much any topic and go in any direction.

If you have any questions or comments about the January schedule, please leave a comment in the comments section below or shoot me an email. To learn more about the new podcast format, click here and read about how you can participate and listen to the new podcast.


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