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Dec 25, 2014

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The Case to Case Podcast is coming back for 2015, with a slight format and schedule change that differs from the past year. There are also changes to how you will be listening (and participating) that are quite different from before. For starters, I am now taking advantage of Google's Live Hangout system for broadcasting the podcast. That means guests can connect with webcams and microphones or just microphones and/or headsets to take part in the show. This will make the format of the show much like when it was hosted by BlogTalkRadio (click here to listen to the past shows), but instead of using your phone, you'll simply sign-in to a Google account (whether it be yours or an anonymous one).  Google Live Hangouts is a far more superior system than BlogTalkRadio's switchboard system -- though I do like the UI on BTR, as it's designed to make you feel like you're working in a studio for a radio station or something to that effect.

Dec 14, 2014

Nobody is responsible for our own happiness, but ourselves. That's a phrase that I've always heard and I've even repeated without giving much thought, simply reciting the words in order. Even though I felt like I knew what this mantra meant, I never really did until quite recently. It was like an epiphany: I'm really the only person responsible for my own happiness -- and ultimately, I'm responsible for my own unhappiness because I've allowed so much negativity to exist in my space.

Does this mean that I've been unhappy? Absolutely not! I just haven't been truly happy because I've allowed so much negativity in my life, in the forms of negative people and their negative energy. I've also held on to a lot of negative memories, thoughts and emotions that have had 31 years to build up and set residence in my spirit. I've been evicting those unwanted residents!

It's a journey, expelling the negativity from one's life. It involves closing chapters that you've left opened for various emotional reasons. It involves removing parts of yourself that you've grown accustomed to -- your habits, your flaws and even what you may personally see as qualities. It involves removing people from your life that don't benefit your spirit. This is the precise journey that I've been on, and the benefits are already making themselves apparent. I'm finding my own happiness and letting go of negative people.

Goodbye, toxic people!