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Taylor Street Publishing scam: Private emails exposed

Taylor Street Publishing, i.e. Kathleen and Tim Hewtson, have taken to some pretty slimy tactics to retaliate against me. They're mad that I made them pull my book, and they're mad that I publicly admonished them for being the con artists that they are. Now an image is circulating around the web claiming that they chose to pull my book over plagiarism, among some other far out claims. You can look at the image on this blog. Basically, this is the claim they made to get my book removed from Amazon, but Amazon only pulled the book based on the contractual dispute between us. In other words, neither one of us could prove -- with an attorney -- whether the contract was valid or not. So the title was removed from Amazon and barred from being published by either me or Taylor Street, for now.

Let me quickly explain that all one needs to do is Google Taylor Street Publishing, Kathleen Hewtson or  Tim Hewtson and you will learn immediately that these two owe a lot of writers a lot of …